Headscratchers / Cyberbully (2011)
aka: Cyberbully

  • So Taylor's account gets hacked and the hacker posts "I'm a naughty bad girl, someone should spank me" or something along those lines. This type of thing happens all the time in Real Life, commonly known as "fraping", and is usually accompanied by the owner of the account deleting the post and saying "sorry guys, I didn't post that; Bob hacked my account." However, in this film, Taylor logs back onto her account and, after seeing the post, calls someone a bitch, and uploads a "goodbye" video. The question is... how come she never DENIED posting that "bad girl" line in the first place?!
    • Well, her reaction to being made fun of by a handful of school bullies was to immediately fall into a sobbing fit, and yet she continued to maintain her Clickster account and get made fun of again and again while ignoring her mother's demands to just shut the damn thing off. She's not only horribly emotionally vulnerable (I pity her if she enters the comment section on Youtube), but either masochistic or stupid. Yes, making fun of people for kicks is bad. But a lot of it is Taylor's own damn fault.
  • Why did Samantha start the fake account in the first place? Was she really that upset with Taylor that she wanted to hurt her? Better yet, if she was upset with Taylor in the first place, why not end the friendship instead of pretending to be her friend throughout the ordeal? More importantly, how could she not have thought about the consequences about spreading rumors about her?
  • Why didn't Taylor just delete her account in the first place? If she had listened to her mom, or had at least done the obvious thing with the hacker posts as mentioned above, this whole thing could've been avoided. And why couldn't she just block or report Lindsay and the few people who were harassing her before?
  • Guys, guys, guys, I think we know what the real question here is: Why the hell is there a washer and a dryer in the bathroom?
    • My old apartment had a washer, a dryer, and a small closet in the bathroom.
      • An apartment has that. A double-wide, middle class residential home probably has enough spare rooms to not have to stuff the washer and dryed in the bathroom.
  • After Taylor finally gets that damn cap off and the pills spill everywhere, why doesn't she make a dash for them? Is she afraid the germs on the floor might make her sick and kill her?
    • Because she's not thinking clearly. Duh!!! If the idea of germs on the floor is making her forget the reason she wanted the pills after she's already become emotionally unstable, so be it.
    • Why did she have problems with the cap in the first place?
    • Childsafe lock that's why.
  • ...Why on earth did they not go to the police? If the school can't stop it, you go to a higher power (or at least that's how it works in Ireland).
    • It's how it works in the US too. What they were doing to her was plain, old harassment. She could easily report and sue for that.
    • They actually DID try to get legal involvement and were told that there was no case.
    • For that matter, why not the school board? Especially since during one scene shows that some of the kids were stupid enough to show the video with the masks during class?
  • Taylor's story is apparently based off that of Megan Meier, a teenage girl who committed suicide due to cyberbullying. Who's bright idea was it to try and make the expy of Lori Drew (created a fake Myspace account to harass her) a sympathetic character?
  • Why, for the love of all that is good is this world, does the website's set-up ask for your underwear color and other very personal questions? This just seems really creepy and unnecessary, especially for what is essentially a Facebook knockoff.

Alternative Title(s): Cyberbully