Headscratchers / Christine

  • Something a lot simpler then the supernatural car. Why Moochie didn't simply leap over Christine's hood when she jammed herself into the narrow loading dock, instead of just stand there and get slowly cut in half?
    • For that matter, why does the second guy try to outrun the car on foot down a straight, paved highway instead of maybe trying some offroad slopes?
      • With Buddy, he was running down a road with open fields on both sides. If fire couldn't stop her, what makes you think she can't go off-roading either?
      • With the former, even if he could leap over Christine's hood, it's possible that she would have moved and thus cause him to fall off, making it easier for her to crush him.
      • In both cases, panic was also a factor. Remember, these are both teens, dealing with something they know is impossible (both are aware that Christine does not have a human driver when attacking) and Buddy was drunk at the time (book version).
  • How did it benefit Christine to let LeBay wheel her into the garage and let her rot, forgotten, for years? It seems odd that she'd permit him to do so and this troper can't think of a single advantage to her. Likewise, given her rage when thwarted or given even minimal insult, why would she let someone throw a rock at her windscreen without meting out punishment?
    • The previous owner had just died weeks before Arnie found her, and given how attached she is to her owners she may have been grieving until somebody else turned up to replace him. She doesn't seem to have much reason to live if she doesn't bond with someone.
      • Please note that this only applies to the film version. The book version has Roland himself selling Christine to Arnie, after the latter spotted the car sitting in the front yard. The movie version merges the LeBay brothers and has Roland dying before the movie starts. My best guess on Christine's condition when Arnie finds her is that her elderly, ill owner doesn't have the energy for her to draw on to maintain herself.