Headscratchers / Camp Rock

  • What was the whole point of the "end of final jam" thing at the end of the first movie? If Barron thought that Mitchie was innocent, why did he punish her in the first place?
    • Not to mention, Tess almost told on herself when she said "What, you think I came in here and put that bracelet there myself?" Even if Barron questioned Mitchie's innocence before, surely that would've made him realize what Tess was up to. Maybe because Tess's mom is famous, he felt like he had to play along. Maybe she has a lot of influence? Who knows?
    • Even if he suspected Tess was lying, in that particular case, unless he has solid evidence that Tess was lying, Brown would have to go by the book. The bracelet was in Mitchie's possession, even if she didn't steal it, and Tess said her bracelet was taken, so he would have had to punish her. And Tess' mom is a pop star that is rich and famous. She could have sued Brown over it. The case wouldn't hold up in court, but a lawsuit over a camper's stolen belongings could've given bad publicity to Camp Rock and caused people to withdraw. So, it may have just been that Brown felt it was the best way to please Tess, by technically removing Mitchie from the actual competition, and still give Mitchie a chance to perform.
      • But if he was worried about Tess' influence, why would he even let Mitchie perform anyway?
  • The ending to the first movie...Shane completely forgives Mitchie for lying just because she is a good singer?
    • I'm pretty sure he forgave her because the lyrics of the song 'This is me', which was about what she didn't do at camp; not lie. It confuses me too.
    • Part of it may have just been that he felt he was too harsh on her and he decided to forgive her because of it? (It's a DCOM. Don't think too hard about it.)
  • Camp Rock 2. Where did the whole "The loser shuts down" thing come from? I don't remember them ever saying that when they challenged them.
    • You don't remember that because they never said it. It's just another thing Disney pulled out of their asses to give the movie more drama.
      • That was not randomly put in with no origin; Brown assumes that if Axl wins the Final Jam, more parents would opt for Camp Star, not Camp Rock. Hence, so few people would turn up to Camp Rock that it would have to be shut down.
      • Okay, but it's still pretty stupid. Doug Walker pointed out in Disneycember that even if Camp Rock loses, the millions of TV viewers people are still going to see them and want to know more. And losing would be unlikely to receive reactions horrible enough as to avoid No Such Thing as Bad Publicity.
  • Why is it that Mitchie spends the entire first film bowing under peer pressure and refusing to assert herself, even to do the right thing- yet when mega-popstar Shane acts like a douche, she's suddenly capable of calling him out on it and encouraging him to be a Good Person (tm)?
    • Well, it is one thing to call out a celebrity who maybe you won't see him again and forgets about you than call out a person you will see everyday (like Tess and her friends) and can make your life pieces if you dare to speak to them about what they did wrong.