Headscratchers / California Dreams

  • Does anyone know why Matt Garrison left after the second season ended, or why Brent Gore (the actor who played Matt) left the show? During the last episode, "Indecent Proposal" (otherwise known as the prom episode), of the second season, we were never given any hint or an announcement from the characters that he was leaving, unlike Jenny's last appearance on the show (season 2, episode 3), which was essentially a goodbye episode for her. While actress Heidi Noelle Lenhart was leaving the show, the writers found a way to write her character out by having her character Jenny announcing that she's going to Italy for a musical conservatory in Rome. And in the first episode of season 3, all we got was the band talking about how they miss Matt and need to find a replacement soon. If anything, it's almost as if he got Put on a Bus mysteriously. And if anyone has found the answer as to why, please post it on the Trivia section; for now, just post your theories/guesses here.
    • Not to mention, Brent Gore was not embarrassed about ever being on the show at all, he did like being part of it, and he did remain friends with his former cast mates. Plus, he actually showed up to the reunion on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.
    • Or rather, maybe the crew couldn't fit in a goodbye episode for Matt because Gore had already left before the third season could even start and had only decided he was leaving after filming for the second season ended?