YMMV / California Dreams

  • Awesome Music: Duh.
  • Follow the Leader: A pretty clear case, with this one coming directly on the heels of Engel's Saved by the Bell.
    • Albeit with a band who are, you know, actually decent and who consistently band.
  • Growing the Beard: Happened after season 2 after they dropped the whole Beverly Hills 90210 premise with the family.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Featured Kelly Packard before she turned heads on Baywatch (though she actually had a guest role on that show before this series.)
  • Strawman Has a Point: In the first season, Jenny gets upset with her actor boyfriend Eric, who is depicted as arrogant and selfish, because he won't take time out for her even though she ditched the band for him several times. However, he correctly calls out Jenny by telling her that if she cared about the band at all she wouldn't have ditched them in the first place much like she wouldn't have expected him to ditch his commitment to the school play just to hang out with her.