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Headscratchers: Caillou
  • There seems to be such a difference in Gilbert's personality between the animated segments and the puppet segments. Animated he's very normal and catlike, puppet is wise and knowledgeable.
    • Simple. His owner isn't supposed to know that he has some human-like qualities.
  • What's with the Charlie Brown Haircut on Caillou? I mean no one else has hair like that. Or a lack of it for that matter.
    • Some kids are just bald, or prefer their hair to be that way.
    • Word of God confirms that he was originally planned to be a young baby.
    • This might make me a terrible person, but as a little kid I assumed he had cancer and was dying.
    • According to the publishers,Caillou is bald because he represents all children.
      • Yep because we are all feminine white boys.
      • It's impossible to have him represents all races, also their had to give a personality would you like it better if he was bland?
    • Running the risk of an Outside Joke here, but I thought the art style in Caillou was detailed enough to distinguish Charlie Brown's do (blond hair with a buzz cut) from actual baldness.
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