Headscratchers / Caillou

  • There seems to be such a difference in Gilbert's personality between the animated segments and the puppet segments. Animated he's very normal and catlike, puppet is wise and knowledgeable.
    • Simple. His owner isn't supposed to know that he has some human-like qualities.
  • What's with the Charlie Brown Haircut on Caillou? I mean no one else has hair like that. Or a lack of it for that matter.
    • Some kids are just bald, or prefer their hair to be that way.
    • Word of God confirms that he was originally planned to be a young baby.
    • This might make me a terrible person, but as a little kid I assumed he had cancer and was dying.
    • According to the publishers, Caillou is bald because he represents all children.
      • It's impossible to have him represents all races, also their had to give a personality would you like it better if he was bland?
      • The Doylist explanation is that it was just a design thing, but to be Watsonian, maybe head-centered alopecia areata?
    • Running the risk of an Outside Joke here, but I thought the art style in Caillou was detailed enough to distinguish Charlie Brown's do (blond hair with a buzz cut) from actual baldness.
  • How is Caillou slower paced than SpongeBob SquarePants? Never watched the show (Caillou) but looked it up on Netflix, and there are five stories per episode, while SpongeBob has two, so logically SpongeBob should be slower paced.
    • Caillou has a very gentle, slow, slice-of-life pace. SpongeBob has a wacky, action-packed cartoony pace. While there are less shorts in SpongeBob, a LOT more happens in the shorts. If that doesn't answer your question, just try watching an episode and you'll see what I mean. (Also, please, please don't be offended by me correcting the punctuation in your question. It's the only change I made, and it was just because I have a light case of OCD and such things really bother me.)
      • Thanks for the explanation. Just thought those psychologists might have faked the test for the creators of Caillou.
  • Why do people say that Gilbert killed the dead bird in Caillou's Getting Older? I watched the episode and saw no evidence that Gilbert killed it.
    • The Mandela effect, maybe?
  • Caillou's parents are commonly listed on the Internet as "Boris" and "Doris," but is there really any proof of this, or is it just an Urban Legend of Zelda?