Headscratchers / Barbie as the Island Princess

  • How does Ro speak english? She grew up on an island with no other people.
    • She was eight or so when she washed up on shore. She probably retained the language but no memories of her past.
  • In Arianna's Villain Song, she sings, "...just because we tried to kill him and his wife. A little treason, not a lot! He took away our land, which wasn't what we planned. He put us on a pig farm and forgot!" Indeed, the king doesn't seem to remember or recognize Arianna at all. Well, how the hell do you forget that?!
    • I have the idea that what happened was Arianna's parents tried to kill Peter and Danielle when they were young kids, like four or five. The reason they're referred to as "him and his wife" is because it possibly was an arranged marriage that was already set(it happened!), or Danielle just happened to be playing with him that day and was almost killed as well. Being young, they could have forgotten it after the forty years between then and the movie.
  • Azul, the Peacock, somehow flew.
    • Peacocks CAN fly, just not for very long.
  • How on earth did the conversation between Ro and Talulah actually works? How did a conversation done stimultaneously in 2 different language worked? It's either Ro speak monkey or talulah speak english, which they didn't.
  • How did it took a night to poison the entire animals in the kingdom?! To add that mice were doing it, it got to be a miniscule kingdom
  • How did Arriana know where the well was, and why was it discussed in universe by the prince?
  • Ro managed to survive the savage island for years and still retain human grace and civilsed attitude. Not a single wild behaviour showed. Plus she wore eyeshadow. It has to be from the trunk.
  • Do the animals have natural ability to read english? Because evidently they could since Ro was called Ro.