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Headscratchers: Angry Birds
  • On that topic, why does it make sense to kill a lot of birds to get eggs back?
    • Same reason that people send soldiers to die for the freedom of millions, I suppose.
  • The pigs stole your eggs. So you use white birds to drop more eggs on them?!
    • Unfertilised eggs. Think about what kind of juice the birds need to be hopped up on to do the kind of things they do, then imagine using that for bombs.
      • That leads to: Why aren't the birds selling unfertilised eggs to the pigs?
      • It's Personal. The way I see it, the pigs stole the birds' eggs once (then moved them around a bunch of times to let the game have more chapters), and ever since the birds have been unwilling to "give" the pigs their unfertilized eggs (in exchange for... money, or something) and the pigs have kept stealing their eggs back as vengeance for all the destruction the birds wrought and pigs they killed.
  • Why do the birds need slingshots when they're birds. They can fly. They don't look like no flightless birds to me!
    • For the momentum.
      • Also, do you see wings on them? They're probably FLIGHTLESS birds.
    • And who's pulling the slingshot?
    • You are, of course.
  • What would pigs do with eggs anyway?
    • Probably cook or eat them? Some of the official animations and ads show the pigs trying to cook the eggs.
  • On level 3-21 (the last level in poached eggs), you can see the eggs plain in sight. However, if you hit the eggs, they don't break. If the eggs don't break, then what are the birds so worried about? If they can't break the eggs, then the pigs probably can't either.
    • I sure hope the birdies inside them can.
    • Obviously the eggs can withstand the obstacles. And to answer your question, it could be possible that the birds weaken with age.
  • How can the pigs build all those houses, castles and fortresses when they have no limbs? How do they even walk?
    • Maybe someone else built them and they moved in? Don't know about how they move.
    • Invisible Anatomy maybe?
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