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Funny: Angry Birds
  • How it all began. The birds are wondering what happened to their eggs when the yellow one swears, seeing the footprints of the pigs. Cue the idea of using a slingshot to smash themselves into the pig houses.
  • In the "Mighty Eagle" trailer, Red Screams Like a Little Girl when he Got Volunteered to give the tuna to the Eagle. And all three of them scream like little girls twice when they see the pigs took the eggs.
  • One ad for a Finnish candy called Tykisk Peber (literally 'turkish pepper' in Danish) has a crate of them wash up on the shore where the birds live, so they go to investigate. The red bird nibbles at one and the spice inside bubbles out, ending up in the water and causing it to boil. So to the shock of the others the black bomb bird eats one. It ends as well as you'd expect. See it here.
  • The Star Wars crossover has scenes that tell the story, one of which is the black bird (as Obi Wan) giving the red bird (as Luke) the lightsaber, which he promptly uses to cause havoc, even setting fire to Obi Wan's robes as he looks on disapprovingly.
  • The "Boba Fett's Delivery" toon in its entirety. Highlights include Fett's jetpack going utterly haywire (to which a stormtrooper responds with an Aside Glance and shrug), to Fett crash-landing on the windscreen of Darth Vader's Star Destroyer (to which Vader responds by scraping him off with a wiper while chuckling evilly), and finally ending with the Han-Solo-in-carbonite landing directly on Fett's head, flattening him (his only remark while this happens is a quick "...oi oi").
  • Join the Pork Side. Bonus points for actually getting Ian McDiarmid to voice the Emperor.
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