Meet Creator/StevenMoffat,\\
[[NightmareFuel Nightmare Fuel]] Chief Exporter.\\
Have fun sleeping, kids!\\

Davies resigns, now\\
Moffat Runs The Asylum\\
and feeds on your fear\\\\

Moffat wrote this show\\
No clue what's going on now\\
But i love it\\

What just happened here?!?\\
Fans all over curse his name\\
with a shout, "MOFFAT!!!"\\

Don't be straight, female,\\
And expect to have a brain.\\
Just "plucky" and hot.\\

[[Creator/StevenMoffat Moffat]], [[Creator/GeorgeRRMartin Martin]], or\\
[[Creator/JossWhedon Whedon]]: Your fave character? \\
[[KilledOffForReal Sorry, killed 'em off.]]