[[MagnificentBastard Witch plots much chaos]]\\
[[AlmightyJanitor Almighty janitors fail]]\\
[[SanitySlippage Sanity Slippage]]\\
--[[{{Tropers/Zfish9}} Zfish9]]

A sound soul only\\
dwells within a sound body\\
that has a sound mind.\\
--[[{{Tropers/GreatHylianKing}} GreatHylianKing]]

Madness flies through air\\
[[FiveManBand Band of five guides us through dark]]\\
Truly an epic\\
--[[{{Tropers/Blankdude}} Blankdude]]

Five is unbalanced\\
Seven is not symmetrical\\
Kid would hate this poem\\
--[[{{Tropers/acekanigirl}} acekanigirl]]

Medusa; a witch\\
Known for her dark plans, her snakes\\
And her two [[DoesNotLikeShoes bare feet]]\\
-- Argovald Dweller