Damn that Echidna.\\
I wish I could play as him.\\
Fly me away, Tails!
->-- @/MetaFour

Get Chaos Emeralds.\\
Then get the Super Emeralds.\\
Hyper Sonic Time!
->-- {{@/Carls493}}

Eggman tricks Knuckles.\\
Knuckles goes after Sonic.\\
[[HorribleJudgeOfCharacter Gullible Knuckles...]]
->-- {{@/Carls493}}

Red and white barrel.\\
It blocks the path. Your means of\\
escape is [[GuideDangIt unclear.]]
->-- @/InsanityPrelude

An early game that's\\
And yet it's still loved.
->-- {{@/Wolfman2000}}

Get away from me!\\
You gullible echidna.\\
He tricked you, moron.

Months have been wasted\\
By Carnival Night barrel,\\
Rotating, mocking...

[[LetsPlay/{{ClementJ642}} Knuckles is stupid.]]\\
Eggman steals the [[MacGuffin Emerald!]]\\
[[KillSat Death Egg]] launched - [[OhCrap uh-oh]].

Why, Music/MichaelJackson?\\
Why did they not use your songs?\\
Though theirs were good too.\\
--> [[{{Tropers/Odd1}} 0dd1]] on the music of ''Sonic 3 and Knuckles''