In special cases\\
Stupidity breeds genius\\
This is one of them
-->-- @/WillyFourEyes

My brain overloads;\\
Is this awful or awesome?\\
I'm really not sure
--> -- {{@/superfroggy}}

So terribly bad\\
It loops right the way around\\
And becomes awesome!
-->-- {{@/PurrElise}}

Laughable writing\\
Poor acting, [[SpecialEffectsFailure bad SFX]]\\
Totally awesome
-->-- {{@/Idler}}

I'm applauding, but\\
For none of the reasons the\\
Author intended.
-->-- @/SoWeAteThem

They just knocked over\\
A cardboard tombstone on set.\\
I laughed my ass off.
-->-- @/FruityOatyBars

It was not good, and\\
Yet I enjoyed it greatly.\\
It's comedic gold.
-->-- @/BananaPancakes