Win your first fight by\\
Shooting yourself in the head\\
And then it gets ''weird''.

Fusion Accident\\
Using my top three monsters;\\
I hate you Igor!

Death inside you, a\\
trigger to your persona.\\
Memento mori

Social Links are the\\
worst thing to ever happen\\
Stupid dialogue

[[BrokenBase Social Links are the]]\\
[[BrokenBase best thing to ever happen]]\\
[[BrokenBase Funny dialogue]]

Talk to everyone\\
Schoolwork twined with world-saving\\
Though you have one year

Tartarus bosses\\
I have grinded for too long\\
Now die already

I thought I was ready\\
I did not know there were rules\\
My pixie is not that strong

Spending too long on the tartarus floor\\
Now I hear chains\\
Mommy help me!