[[NoIndoorVoice THIS IS SPARTA!]]\\
[[PunctuatedPounding Even exclamation points]]\\
[[PunctuatedForEmphasis count as syllables.]]\\
-- @/WolfMoonRising

[[VideoGame/{{Portal}} The cake is a lie.]]\\
[[VideoGame/ZeroWing All your base are belong to]]\\
[[StupidStatementDanceMix A series of tubes.]]\\
-- {{@/alliterator}}

[[WebOriginal/LOLCats Cheezburger I want]].\\
[[Anime/DragonballZ Readings over nine thousand.]]\\
[[ImageMacro RLY? YA RLY!]]\\
-- [[{{Tropers.Snowsky}} Snowsky]]

DO NOT WANT indeed,\\
Used repetitively,\\
I still find it funny.\\
-- [[{{@/Springertrap}} Springertrap]]

I can't stand it when\\
Stupid things become dumb memes.\\
They're hardly funny.

Ah, the internet,\\
Tons of dumb information.\\
[[WebVideo/GameGrumps It's Snowing on Mt Fuji!]] ([[VideoGame/Mother3 an extra syllable]])\\
-- [[{{Tropers.Megatroper123456}} Megatroper123456]]

[[WesternAnimation/HeManAndTheMastersOfTheUniverse1983 If you cry sometimes]]\\
when you are lying in bed\\
[[https://youtu.be/FR7wOGyAzpw?t=1m24s Hey, what's going on?]]\\
-- {{@/Tooearlyinthemorning}}[[note]] I never said I was good at Haikus[[/note]]