Repeat to yourself\\
This is just a show, I should\\
really just relax.
-> -- sverigesson

Hey, it's just a show.\\
No need to obsess on it.\\
Relax, and have fun.
->-- {{@/Tacitus}}

Other science facts\\
Are of no concern to me\\
I should just relax

Wonder how they eat\\
And breathe and other science?\\
Dude, it's a show. Chill.

This is just a show,\\
Relaxation is the key,\\
Calm down and enjoy.

Do not bother with\\
A term paper on this work.\\
Can't be analyzed.

If you demand they\\
Show all the little things, you\\
Won't enjoy it much.

It doesn't make sense\\
But it's interesting so\\
I'll just let it go.
--> Yugi195