World of stick figures,\\
pop culture and strange humor;\\
[[AnAdventurerIsYou Advent'rer is you.]]

Brave the [[HurricaneOfPuns storm of puns]]\\
Kill evil, silly creatures\\
Lather, rinse, repeat

A haiku about\\
A game with lots of haiku?\\
Wow - [[YourHeadASplode my head asplodes.]]

This game has a place\\
All adventures are haiku\\
That is pretty cool\\

Buy casino pass\\
Lose at [[MinigameZone MMG]] and cry\\
Get Meat and repeat\\

You must save the king\\
From the [[BigBad Naughty Sorceress]]\\
And other strange foes\\
->-Thorn King

Fight a lot of stuff\\
But please learn the golden rule\\
Dolphins are evil