We do not care if\\
You don't release this on disc\\
We will watch it still.

Oh, where can I watch\\
On Youtube, of course!

Not on the TV\\
Or even on DVD\\
I have my sources.

Oh screw you network\\
Your greed makes all the fans weep\\
And turn to the 'net.

We're doing a crime?\\
But isn't it your fault since\\
You're hoarding the show?

Keeping the videotape\\
Until they relent.

Everyone's seen it\\
But I can't watch or find it\\
Where the hell is ''Film/{{Tron}}''?!

To Freddy Wexler\\
Your music is awesome, but\\
Your iTunes is lame\\
I love your song Dance\\
But I can't seem to find it\\
What's a fan to do?

Hey you Animax\\
You don't release DVD's\\
Ha! We record it!\\

Good show on TV\\
Fans want a way to see it\\
No Release For you.