Girl without a head.\\
Gang wars, demon swords, mythos.\\
Mikado's {{Badass}}.
->[[Tropers/AsterSelene Aster Selene]]

Is anyone in\\
This whole freaking series not\\
A [[{{Yandere}} crazy]] [[StalkerWithACrush stalker]]?

All people choose sides.\\
Shizuo or Izaya.\\
Shizzy [[{{Crazy Awesome}} DOMINATES]]!

I have to side with\\
That MagnificentBastard\\
Trollzaya is win.

Izaya's monstrous\\
Children are almost killed off\\
For shits and giggles.

All right, I'll say it;\\
I love a headless biker.\\
Are you happy now?
->[[Tropers/BlankMage Blank Mage]]

Izaya Orihara;\\
Has certificate in the art of troll.\\
And burns chessboards.

Durarara show;\\
where trash cans fly in the air.\\
when izaya comes.