A Police Box that's\\
Far bigger on the inside\\
Goes through time and space
-->--[[{{Tropers/Petranca}} Petranca]]

The Doctor\\
Incidental saviour\\
Who bypasses history
-->--[[{{Tropers/SabrinaDiamond}} sabrina_diamond]]

He's our first Doctor,\\
A TechnicalPacifist.\\
He's a grandfather.
-->-- notreallyatroper

Many companions\\
Adric annoyed everyone\\
The rest were okay
-->-- [[{{Tropers/Elan}} Elan]]

This is the one show\\
Where the [[WildMassGuessing Wild Mass Guess]] is true\\
He is a Time Lord
-->-- [[{{Tropers/Blork}} Blork]]

We're very sorry

we lost the middle.
-->--[[Tropers/WolfMoonRising Wolf Moon Rising]]

Hartnell: Grandfather;\\
[[AwesomeAnachronisticApparel Proper gentleman]] who [[CoolPeopleRebelAgainstAuthority stole]]\\
[[TimeMachine Time and space machine.]]

Troughton: Most is lost\\
Due to wiping tapes. ([[OldShame What shame!]])\\
His best friend: [[ManInAKilt Jamie.]]

Pertwee: in color!\\
[[TheExile Stuck on earth]] for far too long;\\
Oft fought TheMaster.

Tom: Bohemian;\\
Longest lasting on telly;\\
Melancholy end.

Davison: Cricket;\\
[[NiceGuy Polite, reserved, but boring?]]\\
"Caves" was best but last.

Colin: The colors!\\
Caustic, antisocial, but\\
[[ExecutiveMeddling Axed too soon by Beeb.]]

[=McCoy=]: Rrrrrrolled his Rrrrrrr's.\\
Clown, then [[DarkerAndEdgier darker/edgier;]]\\
Had nice final speech.

[=McGann=]: Half-human\\
On his mother's side ([[FanonDiscontinuity Or not!]]);\\
[[WhatCouldHaveBeen Should have had more time.]]

Eccleston: Did not\\
Want typecasting; bailed quickly;\\
Nice while it lasted.

Tennant: fan of Fifth;\\
[[CatchPhrase "Brilliant!"]] but vengeful; [[AGodAmI went mad]]\\
[[AGodAmI At end;]] repented.

Smith: Bow Ties Are Cool.\\
[[NiceHat Fezzes too.]] Pandoricas?\\
[[GoMadFromTheIsolation Not so much, Amy.]]
-->-- [[{{Tropers/TheWhovianZorker}} The Whovian Zorker]]

Fantastic, Moffat\\
But when you explain all this\\
Our minds will explode.
-->-- werebunny131

Poor, Sad, Lonely Bob.\\
He was killed by an Angel.\\
Now he is pissed off.
-->-- {{Tropers/Abracadavre}}

Peter Davison\\
Tennant is a huge fanboy\\
He wears celery

When Demon's Run,\\
The Pond child is lost.\\
The Doctor will fall.
-->-- {{Tropers/Snowyalice}}

They stole each other,\\
The boy and box of space-time\\
They were mad enough
-->--Completely Different

-->-- Jarieスイクン

[[Recap/DoctorWhoS32E8LetsKillHitler Let's Go Kill Hitler]]\\
Or lock him in the cupboard\\
[[WhatHappenedToTheMouse Forgotten Quickly]]

The Weeping Angels\\
Move just when you're not looking\\
No. Really. Don't blink.

The Doctor will fall\\
On the fields of Trenzalore\\
[[spoiler:Question: [[TitleDrop Doctor Who?]]]]

Sailing Time and Space\\
Blue Box Rockets Through Heaven\\
Bananas are Good\\

Tom Baker was Fourth\\
D'you want a jelly baby?\\
Always wore his scarf.

The Ponds are leaving\\
No no no no no no no\\
No no no no no.\\

Jenna appeared early\\
Attractive, flirty, but a dalek\\
See her next at Christmas.\\

Don't blink or you're dead\\
Bowties and fezzes are cool\\
'Nuff said. ''Allons-y!''\\

Goodbye, universe.\\
-- Tero

-- Tero

True Doctor Who fans\\
Wish to use the TARDIS to\\
Save the master tapes.\\
-- Argovald Dweller

Sum up The Doctor\\
Anywhere or Anywhen\\
Just not his target\\
-- Keybounce

Rory is alive;\\
Then dead, alive, dead, alive;\\
Then, probably dead.\\
-- OceanHomer

Two shadows mean\\
You'll soon be dead, bare bones... Hey!\\
Who turned out the lights?

Two shadows mean\\
You'll soon be dead, bare bones... Hey!\\
Who turned out the lights?

Two shadows mean\\
You'll soon be dead, bare bones... Hey!\\
Who turned out the lights?\\
-- Binzobargle

A new incarnation\\
Forgotten by the Doctor\\
The BlackSheep- John Hurt.\\
-- Jarvindalus Province

Why is Susan strange?\\
[[EdutainmentShow Two teachers investigate]].\\
Adventure ensues.

A cosmic hobo\\
[[MonsterOfTheWeek Meets monsters through time and space]]\\
With Scotsman and girl.

"James-Bond" alien\\
Exiled to Earth, shall battle...\\
[[AnimateInanimateObject Everyday]] [[EverythingTryingToKillYou objects]]?

Odd time-traveler.\\
Gothic, funny adventures...\\
[[GenreShift ...Serious ones, too]]!

Hero cricketeer's\\
Time-traveling family\\
[[DownerEnding Ends with tragedy]].

Bright, rainbow coat on\\
[[JerkWithAHeartOfGold Alien with heart of gold]]:\\
He is a hero!

Little man: silly?\\
No, he is [[TheChessmaster very cunning]]\\
And trains his friend, Ace.

A romantic man\\
With two hearts has adventures\\
[[BreakTheCutie That break his two hearts]].

The Time War is here,\\
But a Doctor ends the war\\
With his words - [[CatchPhrase "No more"]].

Young British girl meets\\
Alien war veteran,\\
Who [[CharacterDevelopment learns happiness]].

Old foes, new foes, fun\\
Alien time-traveler.\\
[[DownerEnding It ends quite sadly]].

Amy Pond learns her\\
[[NotSoImaginaryFriend "Imaginary" friend]] is\\
A time-traveler.
-->--[[{{Tropers/quaintriddlecharlie}} quaintriddlecharlie]]

He rescues people,\\
Saves worlds, faces great evils...\\
And he runs a lot.

Seriously, friend,\\
There's an outrageous amount\\
Of running involved.

Downloading upgrade...\\
Everybody lives! Just once,\\

Our Raggedy Man\\
Has gone to sleep- it's midnight\\
Hello, Doctor Twelve.

Psychic Paper trick\\
"A Responsible Adult"\\
Woops! A lie too big.
--> [[{{Tropers/GildasMagnus}} GildasMagnus]]

Madman in a box.\\
Adventures in space and time.\\
[[EarWorm Woo-ee-OOOOO! EEE-OOOOO!]]
--> [[{{Tropers/tropesinreadiness}} tropesinreadiness]]

BBC America:\\
''[[BerserkButton If you keep skipping Nine's run...]]''\\
'''Prepare to see Hell.'''
-->--[[{{Tropers/Maddoxsort}} Maddoxsort]]

She's [[TheNthDoctor number]] [[Series/DoctorWho thirteen]],\\
and the first that is [[GenderBender female]],\\
the future looks bright.