To create a world\\
without danger, [[FiveManBand five]] [[KidHero kids]] fight\\
a super virus
->--[[{{Tropers/luiginumber3}} luiginumber3]]

Five kids, one super\\
computer, one enemy,\\
one virtual ship
->--[[Tropers/TeenLyokoFan7777 TeenLyokoFan7777]]

[[Anime/CodeGeass No Pizza Hut here]].\\
An abundance of croissants\\
And {{UST}}, though.
->--[[Tropers/AndyWaltfeld Andy Waltfield]]

[[OlderThanTheyLook She's 24-ish]].\\
Aelita's fake ID count?\\
[[IHaveManyNames I say at least three]].
->--[[Tropers/AndyWaltfeld Andy Waltfield]]

Some strange computer:\\
Can warp time and space themselves,\\
But won't do Windows.
->--[[Tropers/AndyWaltfeld Andy Waltfield]]

A girl with pink hair,\\
Fights evil computer thing,\\
And gets a boyfriend.
->--[[{{Tropers/Yoyoddd}} Yoyoddd]]

These kids might not have\\
the best luck, but at least have\\
"return to the past!"
->--[[{{Tropers/Bfa}} Bfa]]