Teens travel through time\\
To kill a [[GiantSpaceFleafromNowhere giant space flea]]\\
[[ScrewDestiny Screw you, destiny]]
->-- [[{{Tropers/Tacitus}} Tacitus]]

Teens travel through time\\
But in the end the future\\
Refused to change. Fin.
->-- [[{{Tropers/FireflyLorelei}} FireflyLorelei]]

Five humans, a frog\\
And a cool robot to boot\\
Save the friggin' world.
->-- crocswsocks

Nineteen Ninety Nine\\
Space and time saves a species\\
Lavos really sucks.
->-- hungerismygame

Lavos: crash-landing\\
Destroy planet, reproduce\\
Restart the cycle.
->-- Tropers/TheMike

Dalton really cares;\\
He laments the loss of your\\
[[http://ryan-cole.deviantart.com/art/What-the-HELL-Dalton-142612482 Friend AND the Epoch]].\\
~Manly Man

The black wind, it howls...\\
Very well then... Come at me!\\
Prepared for the void?
->-- Magus

[[Anime/DragonBall Vampire Piccolo?]]\\
Two Bulmas from the future!\\
...Ginger Goku, too.