''WesternAnimation/{{Freakazoid}}'' villain\\
Say "Candle Jack," and watch out!\\
He'll make you disapp\\
--[[{{Tropers/dockmarm}} dockmarm]]

Describe Candle Jack\\
In seventeen syllables?\\
That's very diffic\\
--[[Tropers/JohnnyE Johnny E]]

Everyone knows him,\\
Yet no one wants to say him.\\
The name: "Candle Jack".\\
--[[Tropers/CrazyLuigi Crazy Lu]]

We know what happens,\\
But we still say Candle Jack.\\
We're a bunch of id\\
--[[{{Tropers/Bufuman}} Bufuman]]

Oh, what Idiots.\\
Candle Jack has stopped them from\\
Finishing their hai\\
-- Tropers/SalFishFin

The way to beat him:\\
Say his name at the finish.\\
Like this: JustForFun/CandleJack\\
--[[{{Tropers/WanderlustWarrior}} Wa]]

No one should ever\\
Say Candle Jack's name, but\\
Oh darn, I said i\\
--[[{{Tropers/Iceguppie}} Iceguppie]]

You're doing it wrong\\
Say JustForFun/CandleJack and then you\\
Can't fini\\

Don't say this guy's name,\\
Or, like everyone above,\\
You will get kidnapped.
-->--[[Tropers/TheHeroHartmut The Hero Hartmut]]

Good old Candle J,\\
he is always so polite.\\
He clicks "save" for you.\\
--[[Tropers/LordNadir Lord Nadir]]

I wrote a haiku\\
But it mentioned his name, so\\
I couldn't click "save."\\

Ha! I said his name,\\
And yet I'm still typing this!\\
He'll never catch m\\

Warn them of him, but\\
Never say his name, or else\\
JustForFun/CandleJack will ge\\

If his last name jumped\\
Over his first name. Then we'd\\
Have a nursery rhyme

I've looked to the left.\\
And to the right. He's not here.\\
So! Candle Jack! Hah!\\
-- Wer

Above troper! Watch\\
out, Candle Jack is behind\\
you, oh no that's hi\\
-- Snowsky

They've all been kidnapped!\\
Fancy saying "Candle Jack"!\\
But ''I'm'' much too clev\\
-- Captain Pedant

Candle Jack? Yeah right.\\
[[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 Just build a freaking sentry.]]\\
That takes care of that.\\
-- Tropers/RayneCyro

He is everywhere.\\
In your house and in your dreams.\\
[[GonnaNeedMoreX And with enough rope.]]\\
-- [[{{Tropers/Vanguard1505}} Vanguard1505]]

It is challenging\\
Working in a hardware store\\
[[GonnaNeedMoreX Where is all the rope?]]\\
-- duh

Where are all the cops?\\
I can only assume he\\
Got all of them, too.\\
-- [[{{Tropers/Incom}} Incom]]

So, apparently\\
[[WesternAnimation/TheSpectacularSpiderMan Shocker]] and we-know-who have\\
the same voice actor\\
(Will he [[GonnaNeedMoreX need more rope too?]])\\
--Spideymonfan101 just made a very painful haiku

Why does typing work?\\
We are not verbalizing\\
Candle Jack... Oh da\\
-- [[{{Tropers/Android2137}} Android2137]]

[[OutgrownSuchSillySuperstitions YOUR B3L13FS 4R3 L4UGH4BL3]]\\
"C4NDL3 J4CK"! ST1\\
-- gallowsCalibrator ([[{{Tropers/MortTheGhost}} MortTheGhost]])

Apparently ''he''\\
Can get to other planets\\
Like [[Webcomic/{{Homestuck}} Alternia]].\\
-- [[{{Tropers/MortTheGhost}} Mort The Ghost]]

Seriously, guys\\
How could Chuck Norris stop him?\\
Let's call [[Franchise/TheSlenderManMythos Slender Man]].\\
-- [[{{Tropers/JadeEyes1}} JadeEyes1]]

So many haikus\\
Yet Candle Jack speaks in none\\
[[spoiler:Until now, suckers!]]\\
-- [[{{Tropers/DrNoPuma}} Dr Nopuma]]

You keep saying his\\
name - [[FalseDichotomy either]] you're [[WhatAnIdiot dumb]] or you\\
[[CovertPervert like being tied up]].\\
-Miss Desperado

You won't stop saying my name\\
Now I need more rope.\\
-- Candle Jack