They are {{Nice Guy}}s but\\
If you really piss them off\\
They can kick your butt
-->--[[{{Tropers/AM_NK}} AM_NK]]

She is really nice\\
But if you'll make her angry\\
Get ready to run

Be careful with them;\\
Even beautiful roses\\
Can perforate you.
-->--[[Tropers/TheHeroHartmut The Hero Hartmut]]

They're soft and gentle;\\
These ones are beautif'lly kind\\
[[YouDoNOTWantToKnow But do not push them.]]

Anger of the calm\\
Strike down the unwise evil\\
Who forsake he light

You know, I seem nice\\
But when you make me angry\\
Well, you are '''''so''''' screwed.

Just because I'm kind\\
Doesn't mean that I am weak\\
You'll see when I'm pissed.