{{Nice hat}}, a {{cool gun}}\\
He lets the bad comics burn\\
He is a man! (punch)
->-- [[{{Tropers/Tacitus}} Tacitus]]

[[TitleDrop Atop the fourth wall]]\\
{{Adorkable}} Linkara\\
And the fangirls {{Squee}}
->-- [[{{Tropers/Loracarol}} Loracarol]]

A "snarky bastard"\\
Reviewing awful comics?\\
Must be Linkara!

Made a bad comic?\\
Now you must pay for your crimes\\
c/o Sir Lovhaug.

Storylines scare us\\
The Entity is watching\\
[[ThisIsReality But we're safe]]--[[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou LOOK OUT!]]\\
[[{{Tropers/werebunny131}} #&87dvyg326te2@#^dhw*&ei&]]

Punches in the Guts.\\
Shoots with a magic flintlock.\\
Denies Wearing Hat.\\


''"My name is Hyku.''\\
''Steeledge is my family name.''\\
''Springtime comes and goes."''
-->--Linkara himself, on a particularly awful character name.