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* ''Manga/UchiNoMusumeNiTeODasuNa'': A small angel and demon pop up whenever Mei is subconsciously considering transforming into Honey the Hugger. The demon tries to convince to do transform while the angel tries to convince her not to. Unfortunately, the demon usually quiets the angel (first time by raping her, and the second by bagging her in her own dress) and Mei ends up transforming. However, when she reverts back the angel gets her violent revenge on the demon (first time by shooting her in the head and the second by tying her up and dragging her body with an ATV).
* ''Anime/ExcelSaga''
** There's a Good Angel, Bad Angel scene in its first episode which culminates in "Good Excel" blowing away "Bad Excel" with a huge pistol (''"The bullet of Justice caps Evil's ass!"''). Good Excel later gets hauled off by teeny-tiny little Police Excel for murder, while Excel herself is confused and strangely philosophical.
** Played straight but still very oddly in [[Manga/ExcelSaga the manga]]: Watanabe is debating whether or not to give Hyatt CPR, and is so torn over his intentions that a battle erupts in his mind between Hypocrite Watanabe (dressed like an angel but actually the one representing his perverse side) and [[{{Delinquents}} Bancho]] Watanabe (who's dressed as Jotaro Kujo from ''Manga/JojosBizarreAdventure'').
* Chiaki and Fujioka both have an angel and a devil appear behind them in the second episode of ''Manga/MinamiKe Okaeri''.
* Near the end of the ''Manga/ElfenLied'' manga, [[spoiler:it's revealed that "[[OnlyKnownByTheirNickname Lucy]]" (real name "[[NoLastNameGiven Kaede]]") isn't the Hyde to Nyuu's Jekyll, but a semi-neutral personality that had been listening to her [[EnemyWithin completely insane THIRD personality]] that only cared about [[OmnicidalManiac exterminating humanity]].]]
* [[PlayingWithATrope Played with]] in ''{{Manga/Dramacon}}'', where the angel gets melodramatic and cheery over things she shouldn't and the devil mocks her for it. Interestingly, the devil is pretty pragmatic. Both the angel and the devil also get bummed when things don't go well for Chriss, specifically with her love interest.
* In ''Manga/HidamariSketch'' Miyako imagines her good angel being held back by her bad angel when she wants to do something good but finds her body unable to move.
* Michael Hanagata's shoulder devil actually pops out of his afro in one episode of ''Anime/WandabaStyle''. The angel didn't appear, but it's safe to assume that it's up there, too.
* In ''[[Manga/KimiWaPetto Tramps Like Us]]'', Sumire is divided between the ''{{Stripperiffic}}'' Black Violet and the conservatively dressed and shy Violet Blanche -- Blanche always wins.
* Eri from ''Manga/SchoolRumble'' (manga-only) has some when she invites Harima to her house.
* In ''Seikon No Qwaser'', pictured above, Hana has an appearance by her shoulder angel and her shoulder devil. The devil is {{Fanservice}} incarnate, but so is the angel too. The two of them get into a BigBallOfViolence around her head.
* Akihisa, of ''LightNovel/BakaAndTestSummonTheBeasts'', has both a shoulder angel and a shoulder devil. The devil makes more appearances. Both of them are prone to snarky commentary.
* Moriaki-sensei in ''Manga/SoredemoMachiWaMawatteiru'' is so square that in his angel-devil delusions he pictures them as hand-puppets he handles.
* The title [[{{Shinigami}} devil]] and [[OurAngelsAreDifferent angel]] occasionally take on this role in ''Manga/RiskySafety'', usually acting as their current charge's voice of reason and/or font of chaos. [[SharingABody Conveniently, they only need one shoulder to do this.]]
* In one chapter of ''Manga/HatenkouYuugi'', Rahzel's shoulder devil and angel showed up, followed by a PlayboyBunny version, [[http://www.mangafox.com/manga/hatenkou_yuugi/v06/c000.1/12.html a schoolgirl version, a maid, a scientist, a nurse, and so on.]] And then they all started drinking.
--> '''Rahzel:''' Tons of little Rahzels are having a wild party in my brain.
* The female protagonist of ''Manga/HanaYoriDango'' had a good angel telling her not to marry a rich {{Jerkass}} and a bad angel telling her otherwise.
* There's a scene in ''Manga/{{NEEDLESS}}'' where Blade tries to hit on a [[WholesomeCrossdresser currently-crossdressing]] Cruz, only for Cruz to remind him he's a boy. Blade's angel and devil appear, and both tell him that gender doesn't matter, as long as he's cute.
* In one of episodes of the DVD series ''Growing Up With Hello Kitty'', Franchise/HelloKitty has trouble with patience and has to deal with this several times. Each time the devil wins, he does a HappyDance. Eventually, the angel wins, but the devil is a sore loser. He shows up several more times, each time looking more battered and beaten and at the end vows to find a new impatient kid to pester.
* ''Manga/YandereKanojo'': Reina met them in the chapter where she tried to find out the reason Manabu wears glasses without need.
* ''Manga/CookingPapa'': Araiwa's look and dress the same way (business suit) and only by their advices we can tell who's the good one and who's the bad one.
* The gag manga ''CutAway'' has a girl find a wallet. Immediately her inner angel and demon start arguing over what to do... soon joined by her inner Buddha and inner Shiva. Eventually all manner of inner mythological being joins in the debate ("And they ''all'' have my face!"), only to be silenced by her inner high-school principal.
-->'''Friend:''' So what happened?\\
'''Girl:''' They all went to their class reunion.
* Early in ''Manga/HayateTheCombatButler'', Hayate's devil tells him to give up and just lie down and die, while his angel tells him not to give up hope...and suggests that he kidnap Nagi and hold her for ransom, [[EvenEvilHasStandards which freaks out the devil]].
** Hinagiku gets her own versions late in the manga as well while she is sick in bed. Her angel self thinks she should just go to sleep to get better quickly, while her devil self thinks she should let Hayate (who's taking care of her) spoil her a bit. Hina covers devil!Hina in an empty cup and rolls over in her futon. Angel!Hina is proud of her...and then Hina calls to Hayate to ask for a peeled apple cut like rabbits. Her angel is upset but Hina argues that she is going to sleep, ''after'' letting Hayate spoil her for a bit.
* [[HornyDevils Elyse]] in ''Manga/MyBalls'' doesn't have a good/bad angel, but rather a [[{{Jerkass}} tsun-tsun angel]] and a [[LoveFreak dere-dere angel]]. [[{{Tsundere}} Yeah, that's right.]]
* DarkMagicalGirl Utau in ''Manga/ShugoChara'' has two [[GhostInTheMachine Charas]], Iru the Devil and Eru the Angel.
* They're not on her shoulders (one appears in front of her to stop her and the other is sitting on her head), but this happens to Kyoko in ''Manga/BlackCat''. They both have her face, and the angel's dress has "kind" on the front where the devil's dress has "wicked." When Kyoko makes the right decision, the angel is seen punting the devil.
* In Episode 7 of ''LightNovel/IsItWrongToTryToPickUpGirlsInADungeon'', a tiny pink manifestation of Bell's lecherous grandfather [[spoiler:Zeus]] who inspired Bell to [[HaremSeeker make up a harem]] by DungeonCrawling, battles a tiny blue version of [[ClingyJealousGirl Hestia]] to determine Bell's behavior toward a sleeping Aiz.
* "Anime/Bakugan" has Preyas Angelo/Diablo, a Bakugan with split personas modelled after the Angel and the devil.
* In episode 9 of ''Anime/NerimaDaikonBrothers'', when Ichiro takes advantage of Yukika's love for the panda to convince her to join them temporarily (or at least not arrest them), her shoulder angel and devil appear. The angel urges her to think rationally, but the devil eggs her on to give in to her passion. They come to blows, fighting with a spear and axe respectively, and Yukika emerges from behind a curtain, claiming to feel much better.
* In chapter four of ''Manga/SukiXSuki'', Touka has a moment of an angel and devil advising her when she believes another girl is going to give Ryoutarou cookies and confess her feelings to him. The devil advises snatching the cookies out of the girl's hands while she's invisible. The angel suggests Touka play fair and give Ryoutarou the cookies ''she'' made. Touka's prepared to invoke IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy when the girl asks Ryoutarou to give them to a friend on her behalf.
* Episode 8 of ''Anime/LittleWitchAcademia'' features Akko diving into Sucy's head, where she meets personifications of Sucy's personality traits, including her consciences, which manifests as this trope. [[TokenEvilTeammate Sucy being Sucy]], neither one of them is exactly pleasant.