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  • The BFG-9000 in multiplayer, due to the ability to fire off a shot in one room, run over to another player, and then hitscan-frag them without them even knowing. They could even kill you first, and still get nailed by the hitscan! This is all possible because the BFG-9000 is one of the most complicated weapons in any first-person shooter.
    • In single player, it isn't any less powerful. Its attack covers an extremely large area & deals massive amounts of damage per hit.
    • The BFG-9000 is so overpowered it turns the boss monsters into jokes, as each will die in two or three good hits (in fact the Spider Mastermind can be killed in one hit if done at point blank range), and the final boss of the sequel was specifically designed in a way to make the BFG useless against it.
  • The Plasma Rifle is the first game has a high rate of fire, great damage, and fairly abundant ammunition. Point at enemy, hold down trigger, and wait for it to die. The PlayStation and Saturn ports however nerfed it by cutting down the firing rate to roughly half of what the PC version deals out.
  • In a more retro tone, the now-ubiquitous keyboard + mouse combo turns the original games' Nightmare! difficulty playable even by a relatively unskilled player, while Ultra-Violence becomes a walk in the park, and it's not limited to source ports as the original DOS version can also utilize this set-up as well. The monsters were never coded to deal with a player as agile as they are with this combination, even when auto-aim is disabled, and are little more threatening than glorified zombies that can fire projectiles, especially when it comes to open areas. The Cyberdemon is a particularly egregious victim due to the ease of circle strafing. Most custom maps take note of this, and scale the difficulty accordingly.

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    Doom (2016) 
  • In the multiplayer (beta), it's the Vortex Rifle. While it doesn't one-shot normally and actually does pitiful base damage, it can one shot a player, if they're less than 60 health (out of 100). Which, considering its a game with health pickups and no regenerating health, can often happen after a simple gunfight.
  • The final game's multiplayer gives us the Chaingun. An automatic weapon with a good rate of fire and decent accuracy that outmatches every other automatic weapon in damage per second. Its only real weakness is its spin-up time...which is completely negated by its secondary fire to spin the barrel up at a minimal movement penalty. Its not uncommon to see half the players in any given match only using chainguns.
  • The Revenant Demon Rune, to a degree. Most projectiles that the Revenant shoots, can one-shot most players, unless they are stocked on armor and health.
  • In single-player, the Rich Get Richer demon rune, when upgraded, will grant you unlimited ammunition as long as you have 75 or 100 or more armor. Once you get good at dodging attacks, you can easily use this Rune to effectively grant yourself unlimited ammo and start spamming all your favorite high-yield weapons. It combines extremely nicely with a heavily-upgraded Micro-Missile attachment for your Assault Rifle, whereupon you can start creating an unending, fast-starting, rapid missile barrage with the power of the rune. Though, it does come at a price, that price being a particularly difficult Rune Trial.
    • The rune also pairs nicely with the Armored Offensive rune, which causes demons to drop armor upon being glory-killed. Both runes upgraded ensures that you have a means of rapidly restoring your armor to 75 if you find yourself below that threshold if there are enemies around that you can quickly stagger.
    • Alternatively you can just use Siphon Grenades, as long as you have full health and fully upgraded your suit's equipment capabilities, which drastically delays the waiting time between equipment uses and allows you two equipment uses at a time.
  • The Plasma Rifle's Stun Bomb (especially with with all the upgrades) + the Super Shotgun or Rocket Launcher can get any player out of a tight jam in most situations on Normal or Hard at least. The Stun Bomb can stun any enemy except bosses, and can have a player come in close with the Super Shotgun to do major damage. Or use in combination with the Rocket Launcher's lock-on or detonation mod to do more damage from mid to long distance.
  • Unlocking all the Super Shotgun's upgrades lets you fire a full blast twice before having to reload (and also slightly increases the accuracy of the shot), allowing you to take down strong enemies like Hell Knights and Revenants with relative ease and making the Super Shotgun completely outclass the regular one.
  • The BFG/Ammo Boost rune combo. In this game, the BFG is just as powerful as the original but balanced out by only having three shots, and it can only be reloaded with rather rare pickups around the levels. However, the fully upgraded Ammo Boost rune gives you a rather high chance to receive BFG ammo when you Glory Kill enemies, essentially allowing you to spam the game's most powerful weapon with impunity.
  • The chainsaw allows you to one-hit kill any non-boss enemy. Once you have the ammo capacity for the Praetor Suit fully upgraded, you cause use the chainsaw to easily take out the most dangerous enemies during battles, and fuel is relatively common if you keep an eye out for it.
  • The Bullet Time generated by the slowdown from entering the weapon selection wheel can be exploited in conjunction with the BFG; the indirect damage rays being emitted by the big green fireball that the BFG launches do continuous damage that continues to pile up in the slow-motion moment, an effect further amplified by playing the game with graphical settings tweaked to allow as high a framerate as possible. This tactic, which is naturally exploited by speedrunners, allows you to deliberately fire the BFG so the primary big green fireball never actually connects with any enemies, so that the continuously-emitted damage rays basically melt through demons in gloriously smooth Bullet Time and is actually sufficent to allow you to tear even bosses apart rapidly.