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[[folder:Extra Punctuation]]
* From [[http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/columns/extra-punctuation/8910-Extra-Punctuation-New-Team-Fortress-2-Classes this]] ''Extra Punctuation'': "''VideoGame/{{Brink}}'', besides being what a racist caricature of an Oriental person [[JapaneseRanguage would say]] is their favourite ''Series/DoctorWho'' [[Recap/DoctorWhoS29E10Blink episode]], is also a disappointing game."
* "I can't speak for everyone, at least not until ''the device'' is completed, but..."
* The implications of ''Mortal Kombat Vs Literature/MrMen''.
* From "Why No Couples In Games":
-->"Vamp in ''Metal Gear Solid 2'' was implied to be banging Fortune, but only because Vamp was implied to be banging absolutely fucking everyone, including you as you read this. Try to hold still."
* The conclusion to thinking about why ''VideoGame/AnimalCrossing: New Leaf'' appeals to players:
--> So, from a design perspective, these are the important lessons to take from ''Animal Crossing: New Leaf'', besides of course "Don't play this fucking game, I'm serious, get away before it [[JustOneMoreLevel gets a hold on you]], RUN MAN RUN FOR YOUR LIFE"
* Yahtzee's history with adventure games:
--> As anyone who views my Wikipedia page will know, adventure games and I have a history. I was practically [[RaisedByWolves raised by them]], like {{Franchise/Tarzan}} by the apes, and was only brought to civilization in my late teens to be taught how to stop [[KleptomaniacHero stealing random useless objects]] and communicating only with the phrase [[InformingTheFourthWall "That doesn't work."]]

[[folder:Judging By The Cover]]
* [[http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/judging-by-the-cover/57432-Hitman-Agent-47-Poster-Review Hitman Agent 47's poster has multiple cases of rather hilariously blatant copy-pasting.]] Yahtzee even has a tune he hums when he's preparing the comparison. "Blimey. You see it everywhere once you start looking for it, don't ya? Not unlike racism."
** In the same video he points out that some of the soldiers are up to odd things, such as a guy aiming at the ground, another guy crouched on top of a van for seemingly no reason, and one soldier who forgot to bring a gun and is trying to hide it by just miming.
* His take on Charles Le Brun's ''Adoration of the Shepherds''. Particularly his reading the look on Mary's face as a sarcastic eye-roll.
-->"Oh no, the stable's on fire. Whatever will we do?"
-->"Oh no, [[ItMakesSenseInContext a cow's come to eat the Baby Jesus]]. Because that's ''totally'' what herbivores do."

* The episode descriptions can be this at times.
--> "This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee compares Sim City to Nazi Germany."
* Arguably, Yahtzee's at his best when he can come up with a hypothetical scenario that [[LiteralMetaphor literalizes a sarcastic remark]], as in the above "My right hand on a Sunday night" and "last male panda."
--> "As the disbelieving friend said to the inventor of the feces-powered helicopter, "THIS SHIT WON'T FLY!". \\
"As the operator of a coin-operated artillery cannon might sarcastically yell to a retreating army, you should never be afraid of change."
** ''VideoGame/FarCry3BloodDragon''[='=]s aesthetic: "The vibrant neon colours on a dark background are kind of like undergoing reconstructive dentistry, in that it can make things hard to make out (slightly tortured simile)."
* From an advert for the ''Literature/{{Mogworld}}'' audiobooks: "Now you can listen to me talk for thirteen hours without the expense of getting me coked up!"
* [[http://youtu.be/O75AJIryF4c The advert for the]] ''Literature/{{Jam}}'' audiobooks, originally used in the [=CoD: Ghosts=] review.
* Yahtzee's contribution to Escapist's campaign to get the site a Webby in 2014:
-->I think you know what you have to do now: [[BreathlessNonSequitur Annex the Sudetenland]]! Oh, sorry, [[ThatCameOutWrong I got that wrong.]] I meant: Vote for us! '''Then''' annex the Sudetenland!
* If you lower the speed, it makes Yahtzee sound drunk.