Funny / Zenon

  • Zenon after causing her beaker to break during a class on Earth.
    Zenon: I did exactly what you said to do. I heated it to 250 degrees Celsius.
    Teacher: (slight Scottish/Irish accent) Down here, we're still using Fahrenheit.
    Margie: So you made it twice as hot?
  • Matt, tired of Margie's whining when Greg rejects her offer to go for a ride in her father's hover limo (like many in the audiance).
    Margie: Hey, don't you wanna go for a ride with me in my dad's hover limo?
    Greg: No, thanks.
    Margie: You used to like riding with me, before she dropped out of the sky like a ton of space junk.
    Matt: Reality pill, Margie. It was never you he liked, it was the car.
    Margie: Shut up, Matt.
  • The musician Protozoa and his band, Microbe. Just look at his jacket! Not to mention that hair.
    • Him talking to his agent in the second movie about various ideas he had for how to reinvent himself, and why they panned out. He couldn't be President because you have to be American to do that. He then considered becoming the first rock star Pope... but it turns out you have to be Catholic for that to be an option.
  • Margie and Orion, woundering what the aliens may have in store for them.
    Margie: What if they are taking us back to their planet as souvenirs?
    Orion: Like "Mom and Dad went to the Milky Way, and all I got was these crummy humans"?