Tearjerker / Zenon

  • Zenon selfishly snapping at her parents when she is caught taking a "middle-of-the-night spacewalk".
    Zenon: You guys are constantly begging me to take a greater interest in science. Then, tonight when I finally do, everyone gets all gaseous on me!
    Astrid: Taking off on an unauthorized, middle of the night space walk is hardly what we had in mind!
    Mark: Sweetheart, what if your tether broke while you were out there? What if we got bombarded by a sudden meteor shower?
    Zenon: I can handle myself, I'm 13!
    Mark: Then you better start ACTING like it.
  • When Zenon has to be sent to Earth for being in a class four zone (the databanks) after spying on Lutz.
    Zenon: I honestly think if you put these [stress helmets] on, it'll help all of us...or maybe not.
    Astrid: You have put us in a very difficult position, Zenon. You can't imagine how much I don't want to do what I have to do now. But you haven't left us any choice.
    Zenon: What?
    Mark: I'm sorry, Z. Your mother an-and I, have contacted your Aunt Judy.
    Zenon: Aunt Judy? She hates space. She hates to travel. And you want to bring her up here to be my keeper?
    Mark: You don't get it, Z. We're grounding you.
    Zenon: I understand that.
    Mark: No Z, I mean we're really GROUNDING you.
    Zenon: What? No! No, this... You can't... Mom? Mom?
    Astrid: I'm sorry, honey.
    Zenon: Dad?
  • When Zenon sees that all hope is lost for the space station after missing her shuttle.
    Greg: What now?
    Andrew: Think we oughta go to the cops.
    Zenon: Yeah right! My own parents didn't believe me, why should they?! It's over! When those nanoviruses chew through all the systems, everyone up there will be...finished.
  • The scene with the aliens and their spaceship in Z2 never fails to bring a tear to this troper's eye.