* '''Wade Wilson.'''
** "Okay. People are dead."
** "You whip out of a couple of swords at your ex-girlfriend's wedding and they will never, ever forget it."
** "Granted it's probably not as intimidating as having a gun or bone claws or the ''fingernails of a bag lady''."
** "Thank you, sir. [[HoYay You look really nice today.]] It's the green. It brings out the seriousness in your eyes."
** "Great! Stuck in an elevator with five guys on a high-protein diet; dreams really do come true."
* Remy's sudden re-appearance at the end, and Wolverine's annoyed reaction.
-->'''Remy:''' You miss me?
-->'''Logan:''' Oh, Jesus...
* Remy's introduction itself is very him. Wolverine marches up the table looking for him.
-->'''Remy:''' Do I owe you money?
-->'''Logan:''' No.
-->'''Remy:''' ''[grins]'' Then Remy [=LeBeau=] I am.
* The BrickJoke with Duke's tattoo of his previous girlfriend.
* This little exchange:
-->'''Logan:''' C'mon, [[VerbalTic bub]], for old times' sake!\\
'''Dukes:''' ...[[{{Mondegreen}} Did you just call me]]... ''[[BerserkButton BLOB]]''?!\\
'''Logan:''' [''genuinely confused''] No, but...\\
'''Dukes:''' [[ScreamingWarrior ARRRRGGGHHHH!!]] [''charge at Logan and bump him out of the ring'']
** And later:
--->'''Wraith:''' I told you not to insult his weight! Why'd you have to call him "Blob"?\\
'''Logan:''' I don't call him "Blob". I said ''[[VerbalTic "bub"]]''!
** Wraith's bright idea to endear Logan to Dukes again? An impromptu boxing match.
-->'''Wraith:''' I'm trying to help you out here, Logan. Dukes don't like you that much and you know it!
-->'''Logan:''' The feeling's mutual.
-->'''Wraith:''' Then use those gloves, man. Dance with him a little bit! Let him get his anger out on you, I figure if you do that he'll tell you anything you want to know.
-->'''Logan:''' *watching Dukes stretch wearing a shirt [[FanDisservice at least two sizes too small for him]]* Oh come on, man, look at him! He's got a big ol' ass coming out the front of his shirt, Jesus...
** Logan realizes a bit too late that while he may be fighting a massively obese man, said obese man still has SuperStrength. Dukes smacks Logan around the ring for a bit (complete with lovingly rendered JigglePhysics on his [[FanDisservice man-boobs and spare tire]]) before illegally head-butting him... and [[JustForPun ringing his own bell]] on Logan's newly minted Adamantium skull.
* After being put through the adamantium bonding process, Wolverine ''somehow'' loses the pair of briefs he was wearing while in the tank, during his escape.
* While Victor is waiting for Logan to show up [[spoiler: after faking Kayla's death]], he's carving a smiley-face into the bar counter. Then he hears [[SayMyName Logan bellowing his name]], and idly asks the bartender if he has insurance.
-->'''Bartender:''' Insurance? No.\\
'''Victor:''' Hm. Too bad.
* Victor finds himself tied up next to Logan, the two of them facing a firing squad... and is totally nonchalant about it.
--> 'Wake me up when it's over.'
* Victor's condescending reaction upon seeing Logan's adamantium coated claws for the first time.
-->'''Logan:''' *[[DramaticGunCock SNIKT]]*
-->'''Victor:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Ooh, shiny]].
* Early on in the movie, Stryker tells Wade that he'd be the perfect soldier if he didn't have "that mouth of (his)". After Wade [[spoiler:returns as Weapon XI, with his mouth sewn shut]], Logan has this to say.
-->'''Logan''': [[BrickJoke Guess Stryker finally figured out how to shut you up, huh]]?