Funny / Wiiviewer

The Wiiviewr has made some funny moments throughout the years during his reviews of the Wii and Wii U's games & accessories.
  • Every mention towards the Wii Zapper. He literally hates it.
  • In his review of "Wii Sports", he and his eldest son lampshade the irony on how The Wiiviewer's first review was Punch-Out!! and not the Wii's launch title (which was Wii Sports).
  • His joke of where Santa gets the presents from during his Santa Claus Is Coming To Town review.
  • During his Netflix review, we see that his Guilty Pleasure show is Charles in Charge.
    • His reaction to seeing that the show is not on the WiiWare version.
  • His Peach impression in his Mario Galaxy 2 review, going into an Oscar Meyer-esque song.
    Wiiviewr: (in a falsetto) My boyfriend has a first name: it's M-a-r-i-o. His last name is the same as his first one, I know it's weird. And if we ever get married, I think I'll keep my name. La la la la la....
  • After he defeats General Guy and he's making a cake for the Gourmet Guy, he considers putting in cleanser.
    • Speaking of Paper Mario, he manages to be accurate with some of the dialogue:
    Imitation of Mayor's Wife: "Darling, would you like a cup of- You murdered my husband!!"