!Season 1
* The prison guard responding to Mari's outrage that he looked through her art portfolio with "I get bored!"
* A professor stares straight at Mari's necklace, to which she quips "Usually this is where I'd say, MyEyesAreUpHere."
* Chuck's refusal to accept that Mari's necklace is magic despite seeing it by himself first hand.
* Arrow and Flash decide to call on Mari by nonchalantly showing up at her door and asking to see her.
* While both Flash and Arrow are trying to have a word with Mari on the run, neither of their approaches work.
-->'''Arrow''': Hold her!
-->'''Flash''': Does it look like I'm not trying?!
-->'''Arrow''': You're supposed to be faster than her.
** Another small talk from those two is worth mentioning:
-->'''Flash''': Let me handle this. I kinda have a rapport with metahumans.
-->'''Arrow''': You throw them in your pipeline prison...
-->'''Flash''': Not helping!
** And of course, Felicity provides a lot of fun.
-->'''Arrow''': Felicity, you there?
-->'''Felicity''': Just me and my fern, or your fern. Though let's be honest, I'm the one who waters it.
-->'''Flash''': Tell her I said hi.
-->'''Felicity''': Hi, Barry!
** After Barry [[ThatCameOutWrong saying something very awkward]] in front of Vixen:
-->'''Arrow''': Were you and Felicity separated at birth?
-->'''Flash''': I hope not, because if we had been, that kiss would be weird!
-->'''Arrow''': You kissed her?!?
-->'''Flash''': ''*nervously*'' You know what? I gotta run! ''*runs off at super-speed*''
* After Vixen took her time to listen what Arrow and Flash has to say, she just simply flew away from the rooftop.
-->'''Flash''': I think that went pretty well.
-->'''Arrow''': How did you figure?
-->'''Flash''': [[LampshadeHanging Usually, when I meet a meta for the first time, I get beat up a little.]]
* On the subject of superhero names:
-->'''Vixen:''' I thought I was supposed to have a cool name or something.\\
'''Flash:''' You think ''The Arrow'' is cool?\\
'''Arrow:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Keep talking]], ''[[DeadpanSnarker Flash.]]''
** Even funnier when you remember that [[HypocriticalHumor it was Oliver]] [[Recap/TheFlash2014S1E1Pilot who inspired the Flash nickname in the first place.]]

!Season 2
* Vixen couldn't help but wonder why Cisco give bad guys codenames like "Weather Wizard".
-->'''Vixen''': Why do you let Cisco name the bad guys?
-->'''Flash''': I ask myself that question a lot.