Funny / Unsupervised

  • Bruce using his "Psychic" talents on Principal Stark.
    Bruce: I look at you, and I see a woman of passion, and creativity, who's scared to be herself. You live alone, you eat alone, sometimes you brush up against a lamppost, just to feel a touch. Until you embrace the unknown, this world will be an asylum, and science your straightjacket.
    Principal Stark: ...I've been thinking about buying a karaoke machine.
    Bruce: Goddamn woman, you are broken.
  • Gary and Joel discovering just what the city does with the bodies of the poor, vagrants or other unclaimed unfortunates; turns out due to budget cuts they're just incinerated en masse in a giant warehouse, and there's plans to just ship the corpses to China for them to do god knows what with. The municipal coroner thinks they're going to turn the bodies hair into coats.
    • Gary and Joel try to give Reggie a funeral in his yard, only to discover that Reggie's crappy inner city house has a cement yard. This ends up being the proverbial straw as Gary and Joel decide to just abandon Reggie's corpse in a cardboard box.
  • Poor poor pathetic Russ's "birthday celebration", which consists mostly of him imagining what it would be like if anyone knew or cared that it was his birthday, and imagining that his pillow is a cake.
  • The episode about the school being divided into "Eagles" and "Turtles" (the fast track and remedial classes). The Eagles even get air conditioning, the fans of which have been put into the Turtles classroom, making the place sweltering with heat. Turns out the school just told the students the fans were the "school engines". Also, it finally turns out that there's an even LOWER remedial class, the "Sardines", which are forced to meet in a shipping crate in the parking lot, and are taught by a security guard (Russ is in that one).
  • Gary's Panama neighbor often reminisces about how poor he was when he was a young immigrant. Mind you, he was mostly poor because of his cocaine addiction.
  • The town ending up in a turf war over which social group gets to hang out at a local filling station.
  • One of Gary's jobs as baseball manager is chasing away a feral dog that keeps attacking the players.