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Funny: Unstoppable
  • Will and Frank's little chat with Galvin, ended perfectly with Frank faking their radio going out.
    • Followed shortly by Galvan calling Connie back to complain about her failure to stop them. She responds, about as indignantly as possible, "I asked nicely!"
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it line when Will is about to jump onto the front of the runaway train and the head welder yells: "Do it, pussy!" possibly to motivate him or possibly out of frustration. Either way, it was hilarious and awesome.
  • Connie arrives at the end of the film to thank Will and Frank and asks which one of them she should kiss first. Frank responds with a very hilarious and emphatic: "Me!"
  • When Will asks Frank to take off the jacket.
  • Right before 777 obliterates the (empty) horse trailor, a gopher or woodchuck can be seen running across the track not too far in front of 777. Run, little guy!
  • It's obvious that in several scenes, 777 isn't going nearly as fast as it's supposedly going, although this was likely due to filming and safety constraints. Still, it's funny to hear that it's going about 70mph, and then a few minutes later see it come around a turn slow enough that someone probably could have hopped on and stopped it.
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