* In "Onyx's Gem", Onyx runs off in the middle of practice for the talent show. Amethyst tries to call her house and gets the answering machine.
-->'''Onyx:''' Hey. You ever feel like a freak talking to a machine? Don't let that stop you. '''[BEEP]'''
* One episode has Amethyst ask Onyx if anything's wrong. She says the universe will eventually implode, rendering their very lives utterly without meaning.
* One episode has Topaz hearing her phone while asleep and trying to answer her slipper, then getting fed up and throwing it against the wall.
* "Onyx's Gem" has Simon threaten to turn Snarf the dog into a cat if he doesn't chase the girls.
* In "Topaz Possessed," Simon's reaction upon possessing Topaz is to examine his new body and laugh evilly.
-->'''Simon:''' ...I'm a girl. [[EvilLaugh Ahahahahaha!]]
* The extended ending to "Topaz Possessed" has Topaz's horrified reaction when she learns Simon trashed her makeup case, used her toothbrush, and ruined her favorite shoes, the latter of which Onyx brings out in a tiny coffin.
** After Ruby says that after dealing with Simon twice in a row nothing can scare them now, Sapphire suddenly remembers their upcoming test, causing all five girls to scream.
* "The Big Test" has this exchange as Simon sees the girls are in the Haunted Woodz.
-->'''Simon:''' What kind of idiot would go to the Haunted Woodz at midnight!?\\
'''Snarf:''' Well... ''You're'' here.
* As Simon angrily wonders what he did to deserve being locked in the Shadow World for 3,000 years, Snarf reminds him of how he tried to turn all the good magic evil and destroyed the world of the Trollz as they knew it. Simon's response is "Besides that!"
* The extended ending to "The Big Test" has Amethyst wonder if they'll ever see Simon again, leading to this response from Onyx.
-->'''Onyx:''' Personally, I feel that all that drama and action-adventure stuff is over, and we'll spend the rest of our high school careers leading normal lives of study and learning. ...Not.
* "Ruby's Rules of Partying" has the reveal that Ruby found the questionable friendship book randomly in her yard outside. The other girls are less than pleased.
* "A Dragon's Tale" has Topaz dramatically jump over a table to stop Sapphire from eating a cucumber sandwich.
* "The Day the Magic Died" has Simon tells the girls of his plan to find magic amber, leading to this conversation.
-->'''Topaz:''' Okay, I don't get it. Why would he do that?\\
'''Onyx:''' Set a trap for us?\\
'''Topaz:''' No, tell us what his plan is!\\
[{{Beat}}; Simon and Snarf shrug]\\
'''Onyx:''' He's the ''villain''. They always give away their plans!