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Funny: Total War Rome II

  • Episode 6 of Rally Point is a special on the motion capture for the game. At around 7:20, the motion capture actors and the Roman Legionnaire models using their motion capture data start dancing to Gangnam Style.
  • Through an unfortunate combination of Pilos helmets and old-dutch beards, the otherwise intimidating Royal Spartans bear an uncanny resemblance to ancient Greek lawn gnomes as pointed out by these two lets players (at 24:18).
  • One of the game's many bugs at launch caused all soldiers in a unit to stare directly at the ground as they moved, giving off the impression that entire armies containing thousands of troops were scouring battlefields for lost contact lenses.
  • There's an uncommon level of chivalry and good sportsmanship shown by units towards their enemies in this game. For example, an entire army of Spartans will calmly and patiently wait for the last man of an enemy unit to depart his landing craft before attacking. Should said last soldier be bugged and unable to figure out the vagaries of jumping off a boat, well...
  • The eyes painted on the prows of warships give the impression of powerful beasts, don't they? Doubly so if said ships are currently tunnelling half submerged through the earth like ancient Roman land sharks.

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