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* [[http://www.todaynothinghappened.com/index.php?c=11 Friday is D&D day and D&D will not be stopped by anything.]] Not colds, not allergies, not bronchitis, not black death (wait, what?), not...
-->'''Ya-chan:''' ''[entering, eyes completely covered with bandages]'' Hello, everyone!\\
'''Everyone:''' ''[offscreen]'' Omigosh!\\
'''Ya-chan:''' It was ''not'' cancer!
* [[http://www.todaynothinghappened.com/index.php?c=396 Shazzbaa goes to her first baby shower.]]
-->'''Shazzbaa's mom:''' So, how was the baby shower?\\
'''Shazzbaa:''' ''I made a sale!''
%%* [[http://www.todaynothinghappened.com/index.php?c=419 Poor Jason.]]
%%* [[http://www.todaynothinghappened.com/index.php?c=439 "Well, no, no, 'cause there's a big difference between 'naked' and 'nude'."]]
%%* [[http://www.todaynothinghappened.com/index.php?c=456 Shazzbaa leaves her brother alone with her website.]] [[http://www.todaynothinghappened.com/comment.php?c=456#Comments This is the result.]]
* [[http://www.todaynothinghappened.com/index.php?c=468 One of Shazzbaa's sleep-deprivation filler comics.]]
-->'''Rachel:''' Uh. I think you might have put something on top of your microphone.\\
'''Shazzbaa:''' ''[[[HeadDesk head still desked on laptop]]]'' Oh look so I have!\\
'''Rachel:''' ... Yeah you're going to have to repeat that.
* In the old vote incentive to [[http://www.todaynothinghappened.com/index.php?c=496 this comic]], [[http://www.todaynothinghappened.com/incentives/vi_473melting.jpg Shazzbaa talks about why they need to turn the heat down for Stephen]] and gets SidetrackedByTheAnalogy to Film/TheWizardOfOz.
* Before [[http://www.todaynothinghappened.com/index.php?c=502 her midnight shift on Black Friday]], [[http://www.todaynothinghappened.com/incentives/vi_479skyrim.jpg Shazzbaa was playing some Skyrim.]] And following some advice she had gotten.
-->'''Stephen:''' Okay when you play Skyrim you must join the Companions. I'm not going to tell you why. But you, in particular, must join the Companions.\\
'''Shazzbaa:''' Okay!\\
'''Stephen:''' Don't you agree?\\
'''Leah:''' ''Yes.'' She should.\\
'''Shazzbaa:''' ???\\
'''Shazzbaa:''' So I guess I gotta join the Companions.\\
'''Flak:''' Hm?\\
'''Shazzbaa:''' idk! Everyone keeps telling me I gotta join the Companions.\\
'''Flak:''' huh.\\
'''Flak:''' ''Oh.'' Oh yeah. You do.\\
'''Shazzbaa:''' ...well now I'm even ''more'' curious.
* In the vote incentive to [[http://www.todaynothinghappened.com/index.php?c=510 this]], [[http://www.todaynothinghappened.com/incentives/vi_487sammich.jpg Cinder explains to Shazzbaa and Flak how to make your D&D character a sandwich.]] Yes, literally a sandwich. [[RulesLawyer It is awesome to behold.]]