[[caption-width-right:364:Behold, the evolution of a third grader into a penguin!]]

Face it, this show is just as funny as ''WesternAnimation/VeggieTales''.

* From ''Trouble on Planet Wait Your Turn'':
** Michelle playing with the Penguin figurines and using the Midgel figurine as the female.
** Jason meeting the Penguins.
---> '''Zidgel:''' And that's... uh, Kevin.\\
'''Jason:''' What does he do?\\
''(Kevin holds a vacuum cleaner too close to his face and gets sucked in)''\\
'''Zidgel:''' Mostly he just does that.
* From ''The Cheating Scales of Bullamanka'':
** When the definition of "ombudsmen" appears on screen, Kevin [[BreakingTheFourthWall breaks the fourth wall]] and crosses out the "men" part in the word with a marker and replaces it with "penguins" to make it say, "ombudspenguins".
** Kevin wiping out the written "penguins" a couple of seconds later.
** Midgel using a pair of tennis shoes as landing gear. The landing turns out as well as expected.
* From ''The Amazing Carnival of Complaining'':
** Midgel's second attempt to land the ship with landing gear.
** Zidgel complaining about a certain carnival ride.
---> '''Zidgel:''' You call that a fun ride? If I want to get dizzy, all I have to do is a little long division while Midgel is driving!
** Zidgel saying that going to the carnival was a bad idea.
---> '''Zidgel:''' Let's go to the carnival, he says! That's about the worst idea you've had since landing gear!
** It's even funnier considering that he was the one who wanted to go in the first place.
* From ''Runaway Pride at Lightstation Kilowatt'':
** When Kevin gets some glasses for Michelle and some doughnuts, he puts the doughnuts around Michelle's eyes by mistake.
** "[[StealthPun All it needed was one big]] [[{{Jerkass}} jerk]]!"
** Zidgel's attempts at humor.
---> '''Zidgel:''' So, Kevin, how many penguins does it take to change a light bulb?\\
'''Kevin:''' I don't know. How ma--\\
'''Zidgel:''' ONE! As long as it's ME!
** "Ignore the steady green light signaling you onward! It, uh... doesn't count!"
** Kevin ComicallyMissingThePoint of the whole concept of a knock-knock joke.
* From ''Doom Funnel Rescue'':
** Zidgel's reaction to seeing the ridiculously huge fuel tank:
** Midgel explains his instruments using a lot of TechnoBabble. Kevin then shows BING "the button that goes 'Vroom'." HilarityEnsues.
** Zidgel using BING as a hairstylist. One of the styles that shows up is [[spoiler:Grandmum's curly blue hair]].
** The ship is caught in a doom funnel, and they have to try and fight their way out.
--->'''Zidgel:''' Dr. Fidgel, deploy deflector shields!\\
'''Fidgel:''' Aye-aye, Captain! ''(presses button; the shields pop up and are promptly sucked up by the doom funnel)''\\
'''Zidgel:''' Put deflector shields on our shopping list! Activate cloaking device!\\
'''Midgel:''' What cloaking device?\\
'''Zidgel:''' Dr. Fidgel... add that to the list!\\
'''Midgel:''' Stand back! I'm throwing everything we've got at it!\\
''(the ship throws up a sign that says "Go away!", which also gets sucked up)''
** "And he [BING] came free with my burrito!"
* From ''Moon Menace on Planet Tell-a-Lie''
** When Jason gets galeezeled aboard the ship, he gets stuck inside Kevin's collar with his feet sticking out. After a number of attempts to get Jason out, Jason's head sticks out, giving the illusion that Kevin now has Jason's head.
** Zidgel's attempt to solve the planet's problem.
--->'''Zidgel:''' Good people of Tell-a-Lie, I respectfully ask that you all be silent. Well, there you have it! Citizens, we have discovered your problem! You will be happy to know that you will all be safe and sound, as long as none of you speak again for the rest of your lives, ever. Goodbye, you're welcome, and please don't worry, I know you are all cheering for me in your hearts. Problem solved, I'm a genius. (''Moon lowers even more'')
** After Zidgel asks one dart to name something his species does a lot of.
--->'''Dart''': Well, we arm wrestle a lot.
--->'''Jason''': But you don't have any arms.
--->'''Dart''': (''looks at his...lack of arms'') I didn't say we were good at it.
** Zidgel's contribution to making the moon rise and everyone's reaction to it.
--->'''Zidgel:''' I sleep with a blankie!
* From ''The Green-Eyed Monster''
** When the sheep decide to switch places to see whether the grass is really greener on the other side, we get this from Zidgel.
--->'''Zidgel:''' I don't know why (''yawns''), but I'm starting to get sleepy.
* From ''More is More''
** After Zidgel orders Fidgel to turn off the alarm, he says that he can now hear himself think, only to hear nothing but the wind blowing.
* From ''Give and Let Give''
** This gem from Midgel.
--->'''Fidgel:''' They've got the captain trussed up like a Christmas package.\\
'''Midgel:''' That's not good, I mean, unless it actually was Christmas.
* From ''Practical Hoax''
-->'''Zidgel:''' You're getting the seat wet, Michelle.\\
'''Michelle:''' You can thank Jason.\\
'''Zidgel:''' Oh, thank you, Jason.
* From ''Git Along, Little Doggies!''
-->'''Zidgel:''' Somebody do something before we die of wedgies!
* In ''Kennel Club Blues'', the Penguins and Michelle get turned into hamsters. As soon as they're turned back and Cavitus escapes:
-->'''Zidgel:''' [[BrainwashResidue Why do I have this urge to run around in a wheel like crazy, but not actually go anywhere?]]