!!The Year Without a Santa Claus:
* Jingle and Jangle's impromptu Vaudeville routine when Mrs. Claus calls.
-->'''Jingle:''' Hello Mrs. Claus. Yes, Mrs Claus! Right away Mrs. Claus! Goodbye Mrs. Claus.
-->'''Jangle:''' Who was that?
-->'''Jingle:''' That was...D'OH!
* Pretty much every time the Miser Brothers [[SiblingRivalry bicker with each other]].
* "[[LampshadeHanging Here he comes now]], [[LargeHam the big ham]]."

!!A Miser Brothers Christmas:
* Heat Miser growling at a rabbit.
* When they witness Santa getting injured, the Miser Brothers' response is to both say in unison "Mommy's gonna kill us!"
* The Greenland/Iceland argument.
-->'''Heat Miser:''' There's hardly any ice there at all!
-->'''Snow Miser:''' You did the same thing, but with Greenland! Greenland's covered in ice! It's not green!
-->'''Heat Miser:''' It will be when I'm done with it!
-->'''Snow Miser:''' Over my melted body!
-->'''Heat Miser:''' I can arrange that!
* Every time the North Wind gets angry because of his over-the-top expressions and because of how composed he tries to make himself out to be when in the presence of his mother.