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Funny / The Westing Game

  • "English-speaking ears".
  • "BOOM"!
  • "Mrs. BAUMbach! Mrs. BAUMbach!" (Turtle trolling after a bomb scare.)
  • "...will be the one who finds the—" "ASHES!" A huge plot point.
  • "Sit down, Grace Windsor Wexler."
  • During the reading of the will, the heirs' names and "positions" are read aloud, based on how they signed for their letters.
    • Jake wrote "standing or sitting when not lying down."
    • Angela wrote "none," causing her fiance to wonder "what in the world did Angela mean by 'nun'?"
    • The position names are also all important Establishing Character Moments for everyone.
  • Sydelle constantly bringing up twins at the party.