Awesome: The Westing Game

  • Turtle during the "trial" scene.
  • Sydelle Pulaski figuring out that the clues are the lyrics to "America The Beautiful."
    • And having the forethought to write her copy of the will in Polish in case anyone stole it.
    • She even came pretty close to figuring out the whole thing, in that her "to win = twin" theory uses exactly the same out-of-the-box thinking as "The one who wins the windfall is the one who finds the / FOURTH". If the will hadn't been stolen and she'd had more time to review the original text, Sydelle might have solved the whole thing!
  • Judge Ford and Sandy McSouthers spending nearly the entire game systematically investigating the backgrounds of the other heirs. And we find out that end that McSouthers - who was pretty much The Watson for Ford - was Westing himself. And he was pretty impressed by Ford!