* The lineup scene. Singer knew that would be a major part of the film, so the actors did take after take. Eventually, they got bored and started goofing around and acting annoyed [[ThrowItIn just like people who were really pulled into a police lineup would.]] [[ClusterFBomb The line they had to read]] didn't help, and the actors had a hard time keeping a straight face saying it repeatedly. To make things worse, one of the actors ate something earlier that made him a [[ToiletHumour farting machine]] (Kevin Pollak claims the guilty party was Benicio del Toro, but del Toro only says that "someone" ruined twelve takes in a row by farting). Everything fell apart from there.
** Hockney gives a straight reading, but then [=McManus=] sets the tone for the rest of the lineup:
--->'''[=McManus=]''': '''"[[NoIndoorVoice GIMME THE FUCKING KEYS YOU]] [[ClusterFBomb FUCKING COCKSUCKER MOTHERFUCKER]] [[{{Angrish}} BLAAAHHHHH--!!!]]"'''
** Fenster's [[WhatTheHellIsThatAccent strange, unidentifiable accent]] causes problems with his reading (the detective's reaction, and Fenster's reaction to that, were unscripted):
--->'''Fenster''': [[MotorMouth Hanmeedakeys ya cogsucka.]]\\
'''Detective''': In English, please. \\
'''Fenster:''' Excuse me? \\
'''Detective:''' In ''English''.\\
'''Fenster:''' Hanmeedafugginkeys ya cogsucka! What da fuck...
** Then Keaton gives a reading, and finally it's Verbal's turn:
--->'''Verbal:''' ''[in a thoroughly bored voice]'' Hand '''me''' the keys, '''you''' fucking cocksucker.
* [=McManus=]'s version of "Old Macdonald".
--> And on that farm he... shot some guys. Bada boom bada bing bang boom.
* This bit:
--> '''Agent Kujan''': Who's Keyser Söze?!\\
'''Verbal''': Ah, ''[[PrecisionFStrike fuck!]]''
* Hockney, as per his [[DeadpanSnarker role]], gets some pretty good zingers:
--> '''Cop:''' You know what happens if you do another turn in the joint?
--> '''Hockney:''' (''shrugging casually'') I fuck your father in the shower and have a snack. Are you gonna charge me, dickhead?
* [=McManus=] before that:
-->'''[=McManus=]''': ''What'' truck?
-->'''Detective''': The truck with the ''guns'', fucko!
-->'''[=McManus=]:''' Fucko? (''mock shudders'')
* And:
--> '''Fenster:''' Guy had his finger up my asshole tonight.
--> '''Hockney:''' Is it Friday already?
* Fenster's interrogation.
-->'''Fenster''': Say who?
-->'''Cop:''' [=McManus=]. He told us something else entirely.
-->'''Fenster''': Oh, was that the one about, uh, the hooker with, uh, dysentery?
** And after Verbal's description:
-->'''Cop:''' What are you saying?
-->'''Fenster:''' I said he'll flip ya.
-->'''Cop:''' He'll what?
-->'''Fenster:''' ''(makes arm motion)'' Flip ya. Flip ya for real.
-->'''Cop:''' ''(sarcastically)'' Yeah I'm shaken. Come on.
-->'''Fenster:''' Ok.
-->'''Cop:''' Answer my question.
-->'''Fenster:''' Can ya hear me in the back? ''(taps on desk three times)'' Hello?