Funny: The Riftwar Cycle

  • In Silverthorn, the scene in which the boy thief Jimmy The Hand, in his own words, "saved the Prince of Krondor by goosing a demon". The demon in question being a twenty-foot tall magically-conjured chimera with the face of said Prince's fiance and the "goosing" in question involving Jimmy shoving a fallen cleric's holy weapon where the son don't shine.
    Prince Arutha: That was the worst smell I've ever endured.
    Jimmy The Hand: Ha! You should have tried it from my end!
  • A scene also in Silverthorn, when Arutha, Jimmy and Martin are sneaking quietly and Jimmy whispers to the two of them.
    Jimmy the Hand When we get out of here, I'm going to scream my lungs out.
  • Any scene in which Reformed Pirate Amos Trask accuses Prince Arutha of taking all the fun out of life. This becomes a Running Gag throughout the early books of the series, but Feist manages to keep it fresh.
  • Any scene in which - after saving Prince Arutha's life yet again - Jimmy The Hand suggests being made Duke of Krondor (a.k.a. First Adviser to the Prince and the second most powerful noble in the city) as a reward. This too becomes a Running Gag throughout the early books of the series.
  • The scene from Prince Of The Blood, in which the two aforementioned Running Gag jokes collide. Earl James (a.k.a. an older Jimmy The Hand) - having just stopped a war from breaking out - is informed that the current Duke of Krondor is retiring... and that Prince Arutha is nominating him for the much more prestigious position of Duke of Rillanon and First Adviser to The King. Earl James' response? To say "Amos Trask was right about you. You DO take all the fun out of life."
  • The brief scene in Shadow Of A Dark Queen, in which an we find out that an darkly amused elderly Duke James notes that he has just been named Duke of Krondor. Apparently he was released from his duties as Duke of Rillanon and made Duke of Krondor due, in part, to the sudden death of Prince Arutha, who had long denied James his dream of ruling over his hometown. Knight in Sour Armor Arutha was probably laughing at the irony too.
  • The beginning of The King's Buccaneer, with Ghuda Bule watching a figure slowly approach his inn, with the exasperation that hits him as he confirms that it is, indeed, Nakor the Blue Rider.
  • When it's revealed that Macros is Miranda's father and Macros, Pug, Miranda and Nakor are talking about the ties they all have to one another, Pug immediately asks if he's Macros' long lost son, since he's been sleeping with Miranda. He's not Macros' son.
  • In Wrath of a Mad God Miranda tries to explain something regarding changing perceptions to her son Caleb, who is not a wizard unlike his parents and brother. She does this by using the trail of a bear as a metaphor, but Caleb misses her point and keeps holding onto the bear and why his mother's metaphor would not apply to bears. This comes a few pages after the report of fifty-thousand dead and injured Tsurani.
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