* Most installments of "The Possum Lodge Word Game", but one in particular stands out. The word is "Wolves", and the contestant is Dalton. Every clue Red comes up with gets the same answer: "My wife's side of the family." Finally, Red catches on:
-->'''Red''': Your wife's side of the family ''eating''.
-->'''Dalton''': ''Wolves!''
* On one episode, Red says that he wants to take up astronomy. Harold [[NoFourthWall turns to the audience]] and says, "Well, he's always been good at staring off into space."
* On one episode, the Possum Lodge trades places with a community in Iowa. Turns out all of the Iowans are Expys of the Possum Lodge members. Cue Red meeting expys of Dalton, Winston and Mike... then ''himself'', prompting a little bit of anger.
-->'''Red''': ''(addressing his wife at the end)'' That man is NOT me! When I hop into bed tonight, you better check my personal ID and I think you know what I mean by that!
* In one "Possum Lodge Word Game", Red repeatedly tries to get Dougie to guess "Canada". After giving up in frustration, he holds up the card and says the word. Dougie says, "Oh, that's still a country?" Made even funnier by the show actually taking place ''in'' Canada (which was one of Red's hints).
** Dougie gets another one. After failing to make him guess "Love", Red says "I can't believe you can't guess this word!". Dougie implies that he knew the word all along by saying "Well, Red. There hasn't been a woman alive that could make me say it, and even though you're a handsome man, you can't make me say it either!"
* Some of Red's campfire songs. One example:
-->♪ Oh, a horse with a horn's called a unicorn\\
♪ A horse with stripes is called a zebra\\
♪ A horse with wings is called a pegasus\\
♪ And a horse with a broken leg is called glue♪
* And another:
-->♪ Oh, the mountain is high and the valley is low\\
♪ It's the laws of nature that make it so\\
♪ If the valley is high and the mountain is low\\
♪ You're either upside down or drunk or both♪
* And a third:
-->'''Red''':♪ Did you ever have a dream that you were falling\\
♪ Well, chances are you're not really falling\\
♪ Unless you fell asleep skydiving\\
♪ And that's not really recommended♪
-->'''Harold''': If you read the instructions, you'd know that.
* And a fourth:
-->'''Red''':♪ Fingers are handy, you must understand\\
♪ You can do more things with your fingers than you can count on one hand\\
♪ Work with them, point with them, pick with them, scratch\\
♪ But if you give a big guy the finger, you may not get it back♪
* And who could forget that classic Christmas carol: "Cheesy, the Christmas Rat"?
-->(Brackets indicate Harold singing)\\
♪ He comes down the chimney on Christmas Eve\\
♪ After we've all gone to bed\\
♪ He's not all that nice or jolly\\
♪ Until after he's been fed\\
♪ He's got beady eyes, and yellow teeth\\
♪ And his fur drops off when he moults\\
♪ His tail kinda wiggles and dances and jiggles\\
♪ Like a snake takin' 300 volts!\\
♪ He's Cheesy! (Cheesy!) The Christmas Rat\\
♪ Long and smelly and pretty darn fat\\
♪ Cheesy! (Cheesy!) The Christmas Rat\\
♪ Dropping a little surprise in your hat\\
♪ He comes with a gift! You don't have to beg!\\
♪ He's here to give everyone bubonic plague!\\
♪ Cheesy! (Cheesy!) The Christmas Rat\\
♪ And that's why everybody..... should have a gun! ♪\\
Merry Christmas.
* And this sixth one:
-->♪ Oh, the twins can sleep on the table
-->♪ And Aunt Helen can sleep in the chair
-->♪ Uncle Toby just sucked down my beer,
-->♪ So he can sleep pretty much anywhere as I'm concerned
-->♪ Joyce has camped out in the boathouse
-->♪ Fritz has the kitchen floor
-->♪ And that brand new little baby is looking kind of dangerous,
-->♪ So he can sleep in the silverware drawer
-->♪ Oh, my sisters can bunk in with Mum
-->♪ I'll sleep in an orange crate
-->♪ Fred and John and Bruce and Lon
-->♪ Al and Tom and Joe and Don
-->♪ Can sleep in the car and asphyxiate
-->♪ It's okay to rent a cottage
-->♪ With the sun shining down on the lake
-->♪ But telling all your friends and relatives
-->♪ Believe me, is a big mistake ♪
* In one episode, Red and Dalton both wrench their backs and go to a masseuse, who makes them both feel much better. Mike Hamar also goes there just because. At the end of the episode, Red and Dalton both discover that the masseuse is [[spoiler:really an undercover cop... a MALE undercover cop in drag]], they are both {{Squick}}ed, but Mike seems fine. Instead of doing his usual sign-off, Red tells his wife that is she is home, which he hopes for once she is not, he'll go home to bathe in boiling bleach, and adds, "And to the rest of you... sorry you watched!" At the lodge meeting, after they say, "I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess," Red quickly adds, "But not ''that'' much!"
* In the movie, when everyone rises at the courthouse, Edgar folds his arms over himself and starts to say "Quando omni flunkus moritati" before the others cut him off.
* Another Red-Dalton exchange from the Word Game:
-->'''Red''': Let's say your wife has a fancy dinner plannedó
-->'''Dalton''': KFC!
** From the same Word Game (the answer is "HAND"):
-->'''Red''': Five fingers.
-->'''Dalton''': Five angry drivers!
* In another Word Game (the answer is "TEENAGER"):
-->'''Red''': To you, this person gets away with murder.
-->'''Dalton''': ''(excitedly)'' [=OJ=] Simpson!
* When Red and Harold return from the local science fair, completely blackened and singed down one side of their bodies.
-->'''Red''': Whose project exploded?
-->'''Harold''': You mean the first time?
* In one early episode (Season 3), Red started a volunteer fire brigade. The audience couldn't stop laughing when he entered having just put out the first fire. (It was the ''fire truck'', yet.) Harold becomes amused at Red's misfortune, to which Red promptly blasts Harold with his fire extinguisher. Red then discusses how the fire truck got burned (they kept on painting it to try to match their local fire department until the paint ran off the vehicle and came in contact with a barbecue). In closing:
-->'''Red''': Now the truck is not red or yellow anymore, it's just more of a basic black. Now the question is, what can you do with a useless, burned-out wreck?\\
'''Harold''': Well, you could make it host of its own show!
* Harold is starting a Word Game in the 1995 season: "Dalton, you have 30 seconds to get my uncle Red to say this--", then sees the word ("SEX") and starts freaking out. Dalton, confused as ever, starts coughing. Red, looking amongst them, dryly guesses "sex". Harold whoops loudly while Dalton rings the bell to end the game in a rather sarcastic way.
* In another Word Game, Ranger Gord is playing the game. As soon as Harold says go, Gord just starts [[WildMassGuessing shouting out random words]]. He ends up saying the word, "NOSTRIL", on a blind guess.
* During the lodge luau:
-->'''Red''': Shouldn't you be out there surfing?
-->'''Harold''': I'm not leaving till that fire is out!
-->'''Red''': What do you care, you're on Possum Lake.
-->'''Harold''': That's what's on fire!
* And then there is the Handyman Corner segment from one Season 3 episode in which Red creates, as only he can, some anniversary gifts for his wife, including a lady shaver and a hair dryer, both of which he experiments on Harold. The lady shaver part is particularly priceless: Red sticks a strip of duct tape on Harold's leg and then snaps it off. After an obviously-pained Harold tells Red that it didn't hurt, he leaves, after which he just [[ScreamsLikeALittleGirl screaming in pain]].
* Red tries to make a movie about himself and holds auditions. After going through several people auditioning for the parts of Red and Harold, he gets to Edgar Montrose...who auditions to play ''Bernice''. Red immediately shouts "Next!"
* In one segment, [[TheMunchausen Hap]] laments the fact that there's so much crap on TV today, that it almost makes him sorry he invented it. Red butts in, "Invented what, Hap? Crap?"
* A Possum Lodge Word Game, Red is trying to get Winston to guess the word "artificial", and in typical formula fails horribly until the last moment when he has a stroke of brilliance:
-->'''Red:''' Oh! Winston, do you remember that cheerleader you dated? The one with the great body?\\
'''Winston:''' (immediately becomes sad and hangs his head) ...Artificial.
* A quick one from Buzz Sherwood, parodying ''ForrestGump'':
-->My mama always said, "Buzz, life is like a box of chocolates. [[SuddenlyShouting SO]] ''[[SuddenlyShouting PIG OUT!!]]''"\\
''(Buzz laughs maniacally as he stuffs his mouth full of chocolates and then shows it off to the camera)''
* The quickest lodge meeting ever at the end of "The Drive-Thru" after the gang has found out [[spoiler: they've been making burgers [[IAteWhat out of aphrodisiacs for bulls]].]]
-->'''Red''': I'm thinking Harold is in for a rough night. If my wife is watching, I'll be coming straight home after the meeting, and I mean ''straight home!''
* In "The Beef Project", a local farmer died. In a scene after Red came back after the reading of the will, Red says the lodge inherited a manure pile.
-->'''Red''': So we do not come out of it empty handed. We are now the heirs of manure.
-->'''Harold''': Have you ever ''smelled'' the air of manure?
** Later, after it is learned that Junior inherited a cow that they plan to butcher and eat, Red announces that they are bringing the cow over to the lodge to get the job done:
--->'''Red:''' Stinky's bringing the cow over in the back seat of his 1969 Cadillac. He's got twice as much legroom there, which is good, 'cause the cow's got twice as much leg.\\
'''Harold:''' ''(shocked and disgusted)'' Stinky's putting a ''farm animal'' in the back of his ''Cadillac''!? What about the smell?\\
'''Red:''' The cow didn't seem to mind.
* The Adventure segment where Bill, Harold, and Walter go to [[spoiler: what they think is a nude beach]]. It's even funnier if you just listen to Red's narration.
* Beginning of the episode [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wE6qdypK1a4 "Snowed In"]], Red demonstrates how to cheat your way through a physical exam by using helium to reduce your weight by inflating a pool floaty in your clothes. However, his plan backfires when the floaty explodes the moment he gets in the van. Red then exclaims [[OhTheHumanity "Oh the humanity!"]] in a helium voice.
* Another Possum Lodge Word Game, with Mike trying to guess "slip".
-->'''Red:''' This is something that people are afraid will happen to them in the shower.\\
(Extremely long, awkward pause, as Mike's expression says it all.)\\
'''Mike:''' ...At home, or [[PrisonRape in prison]]?\\
'''Red:''' At home.\\
'''Mike:''' Oh. Slip.
* Yet another Word Game, where Dalton tries to guess "paranoid":
-->'''Red:''' You have two slippers. That makes a...\\
'''Dalton:''' ...pair.\\
'''Red:''' Someone bugs you, you get...\\
'''Dalton:''' ...annoyed.\\
'''Red:''' Put 'em together, put 'em together.\\
'''Dalton:''' Are you saying someone is stealing my slippers to annoy me? ''({{Beat}})'' You know, it's probably my neighbor! He's trying to get me! He thinks I sneak into his house at night and rearrange his furniture.\\
'''Red:''' Okay, and he thinks that way because he's...\\
'''Dalton:''' ''(smugly)'' ...caught me ''doing'' it.
* In one of his stand-up specials, Red names this as his favourite poem that they did on the show:
-->It is February 2nd\\
A groundhog comes out of his hole and sees a shadow\\
[[OhCrap It is the shadow of my right front tire]]\\
That means winter will last for another 6 weeks\\
But not for him!
* During the Red Green New Year's special, Red uses toaster elements to make a light-up New Year's Eve message. It reads, "TOAST YOURSELF AT NEW YEARS EVE". Unfortunately, most of the toaster elements short out, and the few remaining lit elements now read, "YOU F AT ARS E".
* In the Adventures With Bill segment of "The Badger Project", Bill tries to trap a snake, only for it to [[SquirrelsInMyPants get in his pants]]. Red then takes a bat and tries to take a whack at Bill's pants. During this time, Red as narrator says, "Here's something I've always wanted to do! Go for it, Red!"
* Yet another campfire song:
-->'''Red:'''♪ Oh, your kite got caught in a high-tension wire.\\
♪ You thought you could get it down.\\
♪ So you leaned your ladder up against the pole,\\
♪ And you heard a funny sound.\\
♪ You climbed and you climbed way up to the top\\
♪ Where the ladder touched the transformer.\\
♪ You grabbed the wire to free your kite\\
♪ And you noticed your hand getting warmer.\\
'''Red and Harold:''' ''(in unison)'' ♪ Ohhhhhh...\\
'''Red:''' ♪ Sparks flew out and away you went,\\
♪ With one arm noticeably enlarged.\\
♪ Now, normally, the cops would make an arrest,\\
♪ But they can see you've already been charged. ♪
* Any of Hap's tall tales. Pick one.
** In one episode, Hap tells Red and Harold that he invented basketball (the real inventor of basketball, James Naesmith, was apparently Hap's C.I.A. cover name), and Red and Harold look at each other, perplexed:
--->'''Harold:''' I'm finding [what Hap says] very hard to believe.\\
'''Red:''' That's because you're listening.
*** Then, when Hap continues to insist that he invented basketball and Harold continues to protest, Red cuts in:
---->'''Red:''' No, maybe Hap is right. Remember that time he was up on the drunk and disorderly, dribbling all over the court?