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The Nutty Professor (1996)
  • The Hilarious Outtakes of the 1996 remake:
    Eddie Murphy as Cletus Klump: I seen Sherman get so hungry once when he was young, he beat up a grown man!
    Eddie Murphy as Mama Klump: I thought a colonic was a massage...
  • In the first Eddie Murphy movie, the massive chaos caused by the stampede of hamsters.
  • The scene when Buddy Love puts Jerk Ass comedian Reggie Warrington in his place for mercilessly ridiculing him as Sherman in one of the greatest and funniest acts of revenge ever put on film. Here's a clip of the scene, but the entire thing has to be seen to be believed.
  • Mean as they might be, Reggie's jokes targeted towards Sherman are pretty damn funny. "Woo boy, you've got more crack than Harlem!"
  • The incredibly embarrassing scene where Sherman brings Carla over for dinner with his family.
    Eddie Murphy as Grandma Klump:: Now Sherman, you can wear a white wedding tuxedo, 'cause (whispering) Sherman's never had relations.
  • The first "getting in shape" montage in which a trampoline sags under Sherman's weight. Also, the part where a man is shown lifting weights and next to him is Sherman lifting a Snicker's bar in unison with him.
  • Sherman's first transformation as Buddy Love. He goes all over the place relishing in the fact that he's thin and literally shouting it from the rooftops.
    Buddy (Looks down his pants) Well I'll be damned. I CAN SEE MY DICK!! MY DICK!! (dancing like an idiot) MY DICK, MY DICK, MY DICK, MY DICK!
  • Buddy strolling into the reception at the end, casually slamming down the top of the piano and gleefully yelling at the pianist "TAKE A BREAK, NIGGERACE!!"
  • The Dean ties to flatter a sponsor by discussing that they have heard he is Happily Married with a lovely daughter. The guy’s response?
    I am divorced and my daughter is in rehab.
  • Buddy's retransformation back into Sherman. After putting the Insult Comic in his place at the nightclub, Buddy soon ditches his Love Interest because his body transformation comes back to haunt him and he doesn't want her to find out about his secret. Unbeknownst to him, Jason coincidentally catches him leaving the club and rebukes Buddy for using Sherman's credit card. Hilarity Ensues as the transformation scene has both of them on a wild car ride throughout the streets and Buddy suddenly turns back into Sherman while Jason Screams Like a Little Girl along the way.

Nutty Professor II: The Klumps
  • The hilarious (and embarrassing) scene in the second movie where Sherman meets Denise's parents after having lost a good chunk of his intelligence.
  • The ever-unfiltered Granny Klump tells of how she thought she was having a heart attack in the shower due to having sharp pains in her chest. Turns out:
    Granny: I bent over and looked...and I was standing on my own titty! Both feet, too!
  • The failed Wacky Marriage Proposal with the mariachi band where Buddy takes over Sherman temporarily and causes him to act like a pervert and make an ass of himself.
  • Dean Richmond with the giant hamster.
    Dean Richmond (describing what a child said upon seeing him after the incident): Look, mommy! There goes the hamster's bitch! (Sherman says the hamster is back to normal and feeling fine): Oh yeah? DO YOU THINK HE'LL CALL?!?!
  • Grandma Klump taunting Cletus about his "performance issues" in the sequel.
    Grandma Klump: What does this piece of pisghetti remind you of, Cletus? Maybe Mr. Johnson, perhaps?
  • When Sherman sees a psychiatrist over Buddy Love taking over his mind. The priest while having some contempt does genuinely try to help Sherman when this happens.
    Psychiatrist: You will never learn to control him, unless you accept the fact that he is a part of you.
    Buddy Love Through Sherman: YEAH!!! And I'm the best part too!!! And I'll tell you something else punk. All these diplomas on this wall, don't make up for the fact that you got a little Vienna Sausage in your drawers. Is that why they call you a shrink?!
    Psychiatrist: Shut up Fata---(stops himself)
  • Aged-down buddy (who has shrunk out of his clothes) leaping onto a well-endowed female board member and smugly asking "Got milk?"

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