Funny: The Number 23

  • The scene where Walter is forced to undergo psychological counseling after being bitten by a dog on the job.
    Therapist: Tell me about this canine Ned. What would you do if you came across him again?
    Walter: If I was in my truck? I'd accelerate until I heard a thud.
  • The interaction between Walter and the irate Chinese chef:
    Chef: [talks excitedly in Mandarin]
    Walter: Mmm-hmm, yeah, sure.
    Chef: [continues talking, gesturing wildly]
    Walter: Sounds delicious. Can I get it to go?
  • Walter on "Ned" the dog: "Nasty Evil Dog. That's what 'Ned' stand for. If I ever see him again, he's gonna be 'Ned' with two Ds. Nasty Evil Dead Dog."