* The oath Moomintroll and Sniff make in ''Comet in Moominland:'' "May the ground swallow me up, may old hags rattle my dry bones, and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking may I never more eat ice cream]] if I don't guard this secret with my life."
* The Hemulen acting as Tingumy and Bob's translator in ''Finn Family Moomintroll," especially since he keeps missing a few points and telling Sniff that they're insulting him.
* The Mymble's Daughter's continued and failed attempts at "bringing up" Little My in ''Moominsummer Madness''. For some reason Little My does not get more cooperative and just finds it funny when her sister runs around yelling: "My! My! Horrible little menace! My-y-y! Come home so I can pull your hair!"
** Later in the book, My gives Snufkin some advice on how to handle children, based on her sister's attempts ("Tell them if they don't shut up you're going to whack them silly, then you ask them to forgive you and give them candy"), but when prompted she cheerfully admits that the advice is lousy and the methods don't work.
* In ''Tales from Moominvalley''. Moominpappa tries to make a prank and throw Moominmamma into the sea. Ninni, the invisible girl gets furious upon seeing this and ''bites his tail''.

!!Comic Strip
* In the first storyline of the comic strip, Moomintroll briefly dresses up as a soothsayer, upon which a ghost appears, thinking he's dressed up as a ghost and getting angry at him for "haunting without a lisence."
* In one instance, Snorkmaiden and Mymble make an outfit for Mymble, using parts of an old bearskin rug to make a fur stola. Moominmamma's reaction when she sees the bearskin rug with a huge chunk missing: "Oh! This ''has'' been a bad moth-year, but still..."
* The storyline where Sniff tries to run a sports shop is pretty much one CMOF after another, partly because this is one rare instance in the comic where Sniff ''isn't'' a KarmaHoudini and becomes more like the ChewToy like his book and anime counterparts:
** He inherits the shop from his great-aunt, and immediately discovers that it has no customers because for reasons known only to his great-aunt it's located in a forest, with no other buildings or people around.
-->'''Sniff:''' Don't you think it's a good site for a shop? After all, it has no competition!
** One customer does show up, but can't decide what to buy, and Sniff ends up breaking half the sports equipment in the shop while demonstrating it, whereupon this conversation takes place:
-->'''Sniff:''' Now you've tried everything in the shop, I think.\\
'''Customer:''' Yes, it was a lovely afternoon. Be seeing you!\\
'''Sniff:''' But -- don't you want to buy anything?\\
'''Customer:''' Oh, I have no ''money.'' But I love shopping!
** Deciding that he needs to advertise, Sniff for some reason decides to target Mrs. Fillyjonk, flooding her house with objects from the shop, all of which bear the text: "Buy from Sniff's." Among the more bizarre things he arranges is a spring-loaded boxing glove in her fridge, a football inside her vacuum-cleaner, and an old shoe in her soup. Somehow he even manages to fix her toothpaste tube so that the toothpaste come out spelling ''SNIFF.''
** When this campaign surprisingly doesn't work, he decides to try subliminal messages instead. Unfortunately, his idea of subliminal messaging is to stand outside her bedroom window and shout "REMEMBER SNIFF'S!" into a loudspeaker. The result is that she thinks she's being attacked by Martians and hoses him down with a garden hose.
** Finally, after much failure, he does manage to implant a subliminal message, all he manages to influence her into doing is come up to the shop and hit him on the head with her umbrella, claiming that "all morning I've felt an irresistible impulse to do this."
** Moomin then suggests that he use the equipment to become a famous sports star, leading to a bit of meta humor:
-->'''Moomin:''' All sportsmen are famous. What Finns, for example, does one know?\\
'''Sniff:''' I don't know.\\
'''Moomin:''' Why... Well, if we ''did'' know any, bet they'd be sportmen!
** The plan fails anyway because both Moomin and Sniff are hopeless with sports -- as, it turns out are all the inhabitants of Moominvalley, leading to a lot of mishaps, and one instance where Moomin and Sniff believe they've killed someone after accidentally having knocked a scarecrow's head off with a throwing hammer.
** Finally, Stinky of all people buys a lot of equipment because "these are the finest burglar's tools I've seen!"
-->'''Sniff:''' Well, don't rob any of my friends' houses!\\
'''Stinky:''' Ha! They don't have anything worth taking!
** Constantly gushing about the marvelous burglar's tools and how the person who made them must have been a master criminal, Stinky even successfully breaks into a house with the tools and gets away with a lot of money -- but immediately loses it again, whereupon it's found by the money-less customer from the beginning of the storyline. At the end, it turns out that the person he robbed was Sniff's rich uncle, whom Sniff hopes to inherit one day. So in the end, ends up selling the entire shop to the selfsame customer for all the money, so that he can give it back to his uncle.
-->'''Moomin:''' Aren't you happy? You got rid of the sports shop!\\
'''Sniff:''' Happy! When I'm bankrupt, destitute, ruined! Ha! ''(and then, in the last panel, he [[BreakingTheFourthWall looks at the reader and smiles]])'' ...Well, just between ourselves, it ''is'' rather a relief, of course.

!!1990s Anime
* In one episode, Sniff gets rewarded for helping fix a roof with pie. He then goes around pestering to help people in hopes of getting food as a reward. He winds up ruining Snufkin's tent and letting Little My babysit the Fillyjonk children because Fillyjonk has gross cooking. All sorts of wacky hijinks ensue.
* In another episode Moominpappa makes a sculpture of his hat, however not a single person asked for their opinion about it saw it as a hat (Sniff and Hemulen saw it as a cake), making Moominpappa quite angry.
* In the episode ''The Witch'', Snufkin is snooping around the eponymous witch's house, ''with the witch stand right behind him, looking around with him.'' He doesn't even notice her until she speaks up! Also when he tries to defend himself, saying "I wasn't doing anything wrong!" and sounding terrified is chuckle-worthy due to how [[NotSoStoic uncharacteristic]] it is.

!! 1969 Live-Action Series
* In one episode, the Moomin family show the King the Moominvalley prison, and the prison is just one bizarre instance of [[InsaneTrollLogic Insane (Moomin)Troll Logic]] after one another:
** The cells are all equipped with shovels and crowbars, because there's no reason why being in jail should stop the poor criminals from practicing their chosen professions.
** It's explained that all the criminals are in jail only for as long as it takes them to dig themselves out -- "one has to work for one's freedom." Petty criminals are placed in cells with a soft earth floor that's easy to dig through.
** The jail is equipped with an ''electric chair''... which turns out to be a chair with an electric light attached, so that the police chief can sit in it and read his crime novels in the evening.
** In one cell, the Moomins' still is located. Since stills are illegal, it's kept in jail -- though in an open cell, because it can't run away anyway (and this way Moominpappa can make moonshine under the watchful eye of the police chief).
* The theatrical play the Moomin family put up in the last episode (heavily inspired by the one they put up in ''Moominsummer Madness'') quickly becomes SoBadItsGood. The plot makes no sense (mostly revolving around an old woman plotting to have a lion eat her cousin so she can inherit said cousin's porcelain), the lines swap between being in rhyme and not, stage directions go wrong, the actors keep missing their cues and fumbling their lines or going off to make coffee when they're supposed to be on stage -- except for Misabel, who [[ChewingTheScenery Chews The Scenery]] to a ridiculous degree and at one point begins doing Moomintroll's lines when he forgets them, playing both sides in the conversation.