Funny / The Marvelous Land of Oz

  • Jack Pumpkinhead (a scarecrow brought to life yesterday and who is not that bright) meets the Scarecrow, now king of the Emerald City. Jack insists that, because he is from the Gillikin Country in the North, and the Scarecrow comes from the Munchkin Country to the East, he cannot understand him. Cue Servile Snarker Jellia Jamb, who is called in as an 'interpreter' of the two scarecrows. Who are speaking the same language. And Jellia milks the situation for all it's worth by mistranslating everything, causing much confusion between the two, until she finally breaks down laughing.
    • Comically Missing the Point: Even when discussing the need for a translator, the Scarecrow and Jack are talking with each other and responding to what each other says.
    "Won't you take a chair while we are waiting?"
    "Your Majesty forgets that I cannot understand you," replied the Pumpkinhead. "If you wish me to sit down you must make a sign for me to do so." The Scarecrow came down from his throne and rolled an armchair to a position behind the Pumpkinhead. Then he gave Jack a sudden push that sent him sprawling upon the cushions in so awkward a fashion that he doubled up like a jackknife, and had hard work to untangle himself.
    "Did you understand that sign?" asked His Majesty, politely.