!!Disney's ''Disney/TheLittleMermaid''
[[caption-width-right:350:Ariel using a "dinglehopper" to comb her hair. ''In front of Eric and Grimsby.'' HilarityEnsues.]]

* Ariel fails to arrive at her musical debut. HilarityEnsues.
* The part where Scuttle and the other marine animals crashed the wedding and proceeded to beat up the disguised Ursula. Especially when Eric's dog Max bit her in the butt (probably as payback for her KickTheDog moment), and she screamed the loudest of all. Pure hilarity.
** And a bit of LaserGuidedKarma, as thanks to the spell she put him under, Eric stands stock-still and does nothing to help her.
* Scuttle thinks Ariel is in love with Max the dog at first.
-->'''Ariel''': He's really handsome, isn't he?\\
'''Scuttle''': Gee, I dunno. He looks kinda hairy and slobbery to me.\\
'''Ariel''': No, not ''that'' one. The one playin' the ''snarfblatt''.
* Eric's [[http://caps.pictures/198/9-tlm/full/little-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-2457.jpg expression]] when he sees the overly fancy statue of himself; doubled with Max snarling at the statue in extreme disapproval.
-->'''Eric''': Uh, gee, Grim. It's uh...it's..it's [[DamnedByFaintPraise really something.]]
* The part when Sebastian drove that poor chef out of his skull. Call that part a BigLippedAlligatorMoment if you want. ''I'' call it hilarious.
** "Le poisson, le poisson, hee hee hee, haw haw haw!!"
** The race car sound effect when Sebastian is running away from Louis until Louis flings a cleaver into his path before Sebastian changes directions and runs toward a shelf of dishes, wine glasses, and porcelain.
** And Carlotta's reaction is hilarious.
-->(''A loud crash and shattering is heard'')
-->'''Carlotta''': I think I'd better go see what Louie is up to.
-->(''Back to kitchen. Louie is trashing the place.'')
-->'''Louie''': Come out, you little pipsqueak, and FIGHT LIKE A MAN!
-->'''Carlotta''': '''''[[SayMyName LOUIE!]]'''''
-->'''Louie''': (''looks up and bumps his head; causing a butcher knife to nearly fall on him'')
-->'''Carlotta''': ''What are you doing?!''
-->'''Louie''': Well, I was just . . . uh, I was just. . .um. . . (''sheepishly'') I'm sorry, Madame (''sheepish grin while putting out a little fire on his whisker'')
-->'''Carlotta''': Hmmph! (''grabs the tray and stomps out of the kitchen'')
** The fish's severed head lands in front of Sebastian, staring at him.
* Early in the film, Ursula bemoans her exile from the kingdom, and moans that she's wasted away to nothing, despite still being quite fat. A book called ''Disney Villains: The Top Secret Files'' made it clear that as a young adult, she [[FormerlyFit went from wispy to her current size]] due to overindulging on the gourmet meals at the palace. The musical also makes it clear that the lavish meals are what she misses most about her old life.
* When Grimsby lifts the cover from his dish of stuffed crab... and it's Sebastian. Cue Ariel hastily gesturing Sebastian onto her own dish while Grimsby and Eric are distracted talking to one another. Grimsby unwittingly provides the punch line:
--> '''Grimsby:''' Wonderful! Now, let's eat, before this crab wanders off my plate.
--> [''fork tinks against an empty plate with a little trail of stuffing marking Sebastian's escape'']
* Ursula [[LargeHam hamming it up]] during her VillainSong was hilarious, in a {{s|quick}}kankily [[FanDisservice horrifying]] way.
** "And never underestimate the importance of...''BODY'' LANGUAGE!"
* Ariel striking a sexy pose when Scuttle dresses her up in a boat sail and rope.
** Bonus points for the {{s|exophone}}exy saxophone riff that plays.
* Ariel {{drives like crazy}}. Bonus points for her expression, which shows she's thoroughly enjoying it. Extra bonus points for Eric's scared reaction, as well as his little slow popping up near the end, with an expression that said 'We're still alive?'
* When Max sniffs Ariel out at the side of Eric's ship, she hides for a moment, then turns back and ends up face to face with Max. [[http://caps.pictures/198/9-tlm/full/little-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-2298.jpg The expression on her face]] (right before [[BigFriendlyDog Max licks it]]) is adorably funny.
** Later, after Ariel becomes human, Max chases after her. Ariel climbs onto a rock, Max starts jumping and barking until he got another lick of her.
* Scuttle looks through the wrong end of the telescope at Ariel and Flounder at the beginning of the first film.
** Then when he lowers it and sees Ariel close to his face, he says "Whoa, what a swim."
* Also, Scuttle's attempt to play the "Snarfblatt" (actually a smoking pipe) that Ariel found.
* Ariel brushing her hair with a "dinglehopper" with absolute glee in the middle of dinner, ''right in front'' of Eric and Grimsley. The latter two's expressions are just priceless, especially Eric's FascinatingEyebrow.
** Ariel taking Grimsley's smoking pipe and blowing smoke into his face. His expression with smoke all over his face is hilarious as is the fact that Eric and Carlotta both laugh upon seeing this.
* Eric puts forth "Mildred" as a possible name for Ariel. She makes [[http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/00/54/b2/0054b2eb5eed6af13af48ce936a4d290.jpg the most wonderful face]] to show her disapproval. It really points out how much you can communicate without using words.
* Chef Louie chasing Sebastian on the Wedding boat.
** Ending with Sebastian snapping the rope to let a mast swing down and knock out Louie's teeth.
* The beginning of the movie, where Sebastian pulls a huge book of music [[BagOfHolding from a tiny shell]].
** Earlier than that, after Triton makes his grand entrance, Sebastian enters to the same epic music--''played on a kazoo.'' And a ''few'' claps for him.
*** What makes it funnier is the herald's announcement, involving Sebastian's OverlyLongName: Horatio Thelonious Ignatius Crustaceous [[LastNameBasis Sebastian]].
* Scuttle's attempt at serenading to get Ariel and Eric to kiss, which makes Ariel FacePalm. Eric mistook the noise for the death wails of a dying animal.
-->'''Eric:''' Wow! Somebody should find that poor thing, put him out of his misery.
** During "Kiss The Girl" when he tries to sing and the flamingos stop him from continuing.
* When Ariel tries to explain to Eric by "playing charades" ("What is it? You're hurt? No, no... You need help"). [[http://caps.pictures/198/9-tlm/full/little-mermaid-1080p-disneyscreencaps.com-5853.jpg The look on Ariel's face when she nearly fall off the rock]].
-->'''Sebastian:''' She traded her voice to the sea witch and she got legs! JEEZ, mon!\\
'''Scuttle:''' I knew that.
* "''You pucker your lips... like DIS''."
* Sebastian after Ariel's whole shipwreck adventure: "We're just gonna forget this whole thing ever happened. The sea king will never know. You won't tell him, I won't tell him. I will ''stay in one piece''!" Followed by his JawDrop at Ariel lovingly serenading the unconscious Eric.
* When Scuttle sees [[TheMirrorShowsYourTrueSelf Ursula's reflection in Vanessa's mirror]] right before he goes to warn Ariel...
-->'''Scuttle''': [[OhCrap The Sea Witch!]] Oh no... She's gonna... I gotta... ''(in his haste, flies right into window with a loud '''CLANG!''')'' '''''ARIEL!!!!!'''''
** Then when Scuttle arrives and tries to explain with Ariel and Sebastian looking at him in utter confusion until he grabs Sebastian and slams him down with every word.
-->'''Scuttle''': (''out of breath'') Ariel! I was flyin'...[[CaptainObvious Well, of course I was flyin']]...And I saw... that the watch--The ''witch'' was watchin' the mirror! And she was singin' with a stolen set of pipes! [''grabs Sebastian''] ''DO YOU HEAR WHAT I'M TELLIN' YOU?!!?'' '''[[PunctuatedPounding THE PRINCE!]]''' '''[[PunctuatedPounding IS MARRYIN'!]]''' '''''[[PunctuatedPounding THE SEA WITCH!]]''''' '''''[[PunctuatedPounding IN DISGUISE!]]'''''
* Scuttle is ordered to stop the wedding and rounds up the entire sea and the ''entire scene afterwards is both awesome and hilarious.'' In order:
** Scuttle and the birds ''dive-bomb Ursula '''twice'''''[[note]]the second time they flew under her dress between her legs[[/note]], then pelicans drop water and seaweed on her head from their beaks, a lobster catches her nose in its claw and nine starfish throw themselves at Vanessa and stick to her with an audible "shlup" noise. While all this is going on, the priest ''fails to notice anything is going on and continues as normal'' even though birds are landing on his head. A seal bounces Vanessa upside down and then throws her to a second seal, who plays hot potato with a third seal which culminates with Vanessa ending up in the cake. Three dolphins soak her in the face with water as soon as she gets out of the cake and then, just to add insult to injury, Scuttle screams in her face - she tries to choke him as he grabs at her necklace and repeatedly ''kicks her in the face'' in the process; Max breaks free and ''bites her on the arse'', making her scream in pain and release Scuttle, who sends the necklace flying...
* Sebastian's reaction to the Seahorse Herald notifying him that Triton wanted to speak to him about Ariel.
-->'''Sebastian''': ''([[{{GASP}} gasps]])'' HE KNOWS!
** Then when Sebastian approaches Triton's throne and is pressured so much by the king, that he spills the beans.
-->'''Triton''': Let's see, now. . . . Oh, who could the lucky merman be? ''(notices Sebastian just outside the door)'' Uh, come in, Sebastian.\\
'''Sebastian''': ''(inhales deeply)'' I mustn't overreact. I must remain calm. ''(slowly walks over to Triton's throne; squeaky voice)'' Yes? (''clears throat'') Uh, yes, Your Majesty?\\
'''Triton''': Sebastian, I'm concerned about Ariel. Have you noticed she's been acting peculiar lately?\\
'''Sebastian''': Peculiar?\\
'''Triton''': You know, moaning about, daydreaming, singing to herself... You haven't noticed, hmm?\\
'''Sebastian''': W-well, I-I-I--\\
'''Triton''': Sebastian...\\
'''Sebastian''': Hmm? ''(Triton gestures for Sebastian to come closer; the crab nervously obeys)''\\
'''Triton''': I know you've been keeping something from me...\\
'''Sebastian''': ''(BigGulp)'' Keeping... something?\\
'''Triton''': About Ariel?\\
'''Sebastian''': ''(trembling)'' Ariel?\\
'''Triton''': In love?\\
'''Sebastian:''' I TRIED TO STOP HER, SIR! SHE WOULDN'T LISTEN! I told her to stay away from humans! They are bad! They are trouble! They are...\\
'''Triton:''' Humans? '''''WHAT ABOUT HUMANS?!'''''\\
'''Sebastian:''' Humans? ''([[OhCrapSmile chuckles nervously]])'' Who said anything about humans?
* Sebastian's "whatever" expression when Ariel (unaware of Sebastian's presence) begins singing "Part of Your World" (when talking about feet)
* Grimsby last sees Eric on board a ship that explodes in the middle of a storm. He's got to think Eric's dead, right? But then he finds the prince on the beach, and instead of an overjoyed "You're alive!", we get this line.
-->'''Grimsby''': Eric! Oh, Eric. You really delight in these sadistic strains on my blood pressure, don't you?
* Scuttle listening to Eric's foot in an attempt to check for his pulse
-->'''Scuttle''': Oh, I - I can't make out a heartbeat.
* When Ursula accidentally kills Flotsam and Jetsam, her [[LargeHam initial reaction]] is pretty funny... that is until [[MoodWhiplash she flies into an]] UnstoppableRage.
-->'''Ursula:''' (gasps) BABIES! My poor little poopsies!

!!Disney TV series
* In "Charmed," Ariel chastises Flounder for sounding like her father after he urges her not to explore yet another forbidden area. As Ariel darts away, Flounder comments to himself that he might be a father someday, and then considers the possibility that he might have a daughter like Ariel. "No. That's too scary! Ariel, I don't want to order you around, but come back!"

!!Meta and out of canon
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nH6ya5g2-s Ariel Needs Legs.]] Just... all of it.
** Also in [[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 TF2]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohd0aT3m__k form]].